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political philosophy 

Here's my base political philosophy:

the role of government is to minimize the number of people considered other in order to maximize equitable (re)distribution of resources within the in-group.

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Spiders, nsfw if your boss is a spider 

Real spider sex! Sexy web plucking AND strumming! No cannibalism!

Dreamed my partner got murdered by an evil baby chimp and now I can’t get back to sleep.

How’s your night going?

Finally hung some of my hanging plants today! Two hoya. The retusa (with the skinny leaves) is *covered* in flower buds. @plants

Is it possible to buy a sofa not made of petroleum products for under 5 grand in Canada?

Up very early with terrible cramping. Heating pad + tea + a book about garden essays until I feel a bit better, then to work on my paper for a few hours.

I’m struggling because this paper is really multiple papers and everyone except my supervisor agrees. But I will persist!

Wow it’s raining now. Looks like we’re going to make up for the summer drought in one day.

Myths? Lies? 

Some people can stay awake for entire 8 hour spans I’m told

Me and a bear surprised each other this evening. Everyone is ok and my heart has resumed beating, thank you.

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Scientists introduced a butterfly to an island.
They are happy to report the butterfly brought with it chestbursting endoparasitic wasps.
They're also happy to report those wasps contain another smaller parasitic wasp.
Their even happier to report those larger wasps also contain a Wolbachia bacterium that appear to be bros with the smaller wasps and help them get in.

Naomi Novik continues to kick ass in A Deadly Education. I put off reading it because it didn’t sound like my cup of tea, but now I’m desperate for the next in the Scholomance.


Insomnia, but listening to the rain.

Spending Labour day writing letters to city council in support of the developers applying for rezonings to build mixed-use rental. ✊

The lack of public washrooms in so many places is a serious accessibility issue.

My tomatoes are starting to ripen and I’ve got the blossom end rot under control now.

It’s so weird to me that Jason Momoa is typecast as some tough guy when he obviously should be typecast as a romcom protagonist .

They are building a new house near my house and I like neighbours but I hate watching forests get cut down and also I hate the sound of machines breaking giant rocks apart for 8 hours a day every day.

Good morning everyone! Let’s do what we can today.

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