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I'm going to experiment with putting more of my work/research related stuff over on @scisus. If you want to hear me ranting about stan and modeling or talking about pollen movement and tree sex, I'll be over there.

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political philosophy 

Here's my base political philosophy:

the role of government is to minimize the number of people considered other in order to maximize equitable (re)distribution of resources within the in-group.

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Many of my toots are followers only. If you send me a follow request, I may take awhile to approve it, especially if you don't have a lot of toots yet.

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Mosses and other bryophytes aren’t like vascular plants because they don’t have to be. That doesn’t mean they’re more primitive. The idea that they are “less evolved” is a gross misunderstanding of evolution. Most extant moss species are actually more recent than many vascular plants. Also, bryophyte-dominated landscapes, namely sphagnum bogs, sequester more carbon than all forests combined. Learn more about bryophytes and pervasive misconceptions:

Small town Canadian adventures: Today we got a shovel to clear bear poop from our yard.

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while we're all talking about how mozilla sucks, i want to mention that the most recent version of firefox mobile only supports a handful of "recommended" extensions. the add-on that is basically the whole reason i use ff mobile is not among them.

like it's one thing if they changed the way add-ons work and all the devs have to update theirs, that happens

but this sounds like compatibility...just...isn't there and has to be specially added, like, by hand???

i'd say "get your shit together" but i think they have passed the point of no return 🐘

Good night everyone! Let’s go to sleep and try again tomorrow.

Here is a spider I saw today.

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What if instead of emptying the boxes I just laid down next to them and never moved again?

Also have a Ceonothus that is Very Overgrown.

I saw one pruned into a tree shape recently. I wonder if that's a way forward for this one, because I don't love Ceonothus enough to give it this much .

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I just found about 5 gallons of improperly stored gasoline in my falling down garden shed.

I don't really know what to do about it?

Question about screenreaders 

I often repeat vowels for emphasis, like oooooh noooooooo.

How does that work with a screen reader?

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Source: Oxfam Report

Confronting Carbon Inequality: Putting climate justice at the heart of the COVID-19 recovery


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Good afternoon friends! Pale grey start, a flat enveloping sheet of cloud. Sure for a while we'd seen the last of this little summer addendum, but swift wind & heat cleared the sky as if there'd never been anything but blue.

Aiming to swap intensity for duration I cut sets from my workout & added 4kg at once–nervewracking, coming so close to the limit of my still-frail body. A useful & humbling perspective reset both abt my limits & how far I've come.

May we be unafraid to grow & change today!

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Eco housing has to be deisgned differently depending on the local climate. I am used to thinking of green houses as carefully sealed boxes with triple-glazed windows to retain heat during winter. This one, designed for Cost Rica, is the exact opposite.

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replacing simple algorithms by neural networks is just a way to make corporation-scale freudian slips

I fell on some rocks because I am an intrepid adventurer.


Sad about RBG and what this means for the election. But also kind of pissed to realize that she could have resigned in 2009 when she found out she had terminal cancer - and then could have been replaced by Obama.

I walked around my new this evening and found an ant nest, an overgrown rhododendron, and a coming war with Himalayan blackberry and English ivy

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