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political philosophy 

Here's my base political philosophy:

the role of government is to minimize the number of people considered other in order to maximize equitable (re)distribution of resources within the in-group.

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Many of my toots are followers only. If you send me a follow request, I may take awhile to approve it, especially if you don't have a lot of toots yet.

I absolutely love gardening and thinking about gardening.

I like listening to the birds in the morning. Thank you neighbours for your many bird feeders!


The Aang-Katara romance storyline squicks me out.

A relative just sent me a prageru link to to a "is communism moral" lecture and I don't wanna.

illness, graphic 

Currently remembering the time I was hospitalized with noro and folks if there is ever a disease that should have convinced us to have paid sick leave, it is noro.

I guess the only reason it hasn't is because folks think they have food poisoning when really they have norovirus because some poor food service worker had to try to work in between projectile vomiting and diarrhea-ing so hard they aerosolized the fluid for extra contagion.

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Yesterday's plans were interrupted by a migraine, so I will be reprising them today. 2 more hours of work and then I'm gonna scrub some dirty chairs.

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I am not going to work in my garden on my afternoon break today. Instead I'm going to clean the new-to-us patio furniture we picked up yesterday. It's clearly spent Some Time neglected, but this evening I am going to sit in a chair on my patio and it's going to be great.

political philosophy 

This has nothing to do with Scott Alexander, who is "an intellectual laundromat for libertarianism," as a dear friend once described him.

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health, ableism, biopsychosocial model 

I wish people brought up the biopsychosocial model of disease as a reason to make sure children don't have adverse childhood experiences and we all can meet our material needs and live in connected communities and aren't destroyed by bad jobs instead of bringing it up as a way to tell people with illnesses provoked by such things that they're pitiful slackers who just need a disciplined workout schedule and a round of CBT.

I'm having a distracted workday. Time to sit down and try again.

My province is melting down with covid but I really need to see a dentist. 😬 ⛏️

Me, after sitting in a position that leans into my scoliosis curve for 2 hours: why does it hurt so much?

Ok my shoulder doesn't hurt as much as yesterday. Let's try Real Work TM today.

I'm too young to have this much joint pain.

Please send new shoulders.

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