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Many of my toots are followers only. If you send me a follow request, I may take awhile to approve it, especially if you don't have a lot of toots yet.

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I sometimes forget to cw food/diet/exercise stuff. I'm trying to get better about remembering, but if this is a painful thing for you, maybe consider muting me.

Leftists are like crows:

a) inteligint
b) they will fight you for food
c) surprisingly numerous
d) dark plumage
e) possibly their own worst enemies? [see f]
f) culture impossible to decipher for outsiders and possibly insiders
g) can be a nuisance in dense urban areas

Hey #fedaverse, could people please start putting descriptions on images for people with visual imparements? It doesn't have to be long, just a few basic details to get the point of the image across. Thank you. To those that do, you're doing us a massive favor. Please continue to do so, and thank you.

A good Harvest for the New Ones Show more

*Staying Inside All Day and Monitoring the Fediverse: 10/10. No burning sun. Air conditioned. Can say "toot toot" out loud.

* Spending One Minute Outdoors: 2/10. Much sun. Many heat. Tooting out loud leads to uncomfortable social judgment.

New instance opened:

Polyglot City is the right instance for you, if you're interested in languages, language learning and translating, or if you are multilingual or polyglot. All languages are allowed to flourish on our timelines. Welcome!


Welcome new people! :blobcheer: πŸ‘ πŸ‘‹

Some useful #Mastodon features you might not know about:

Delete & Redraft - Click on the ... under your posts.

Tools to move instances -

Block particular instances -

Image Descriptions -

RSS Feeds -

Undocumented keyboard shortcuts -

Don't need link shorteners -

...any others to share?

#Community #MastoTips

I was not familiar with the sex worker friendly Mastodon instance, switter, until I read this article. Absolutely incredible what they've put up with in the short time they've been up.

This #deactiday business is really demonstrating the differences in etiquette that arise between an environment where you assume some large fraction of your potential audience will see your message by default vs one where you assume they won't unless you enact the right incantations

never forget queers and furries built mastodon

I just backed our Octodon admin's Patreon because this pure wonderful place is worth supporting.

New to Mastodon? Here are four intro guides to help you understand how everything works here. Show more

Look what my mom found in the bottom of the feed barrel this morning.

"Advanced Materials From Fungal Mycelium: Fabrication and Tuning of Physical Properties"

If someone is being nasty on Mastodon, you don’t have to try to get justice from drawing attention to their nastiness and hoping enough people will be outraged enough to block and report them so that something happens.

Report them. Their moderator will actually see your actual report and will actually do something about it. I know it’s weird to think that could do something, but it does here.

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Carers, caretakers, helpers:

thank you so fucking much. you're doing hard work that makes the world better.

I will do everything I can to make sure you get the care you need, too.

@deejoe @enkiv2

It really worries me that so many programmers sneer at Excel and Access. Those tools exist because they allow users to do programming; yet somehow this is not cheered, but seen as an enemy of 'proper' programming.

(of course then systems programmers sneer at 'mere web developers', etc)

I don't understand the division and I never have. It doesn't seem to be about wanting to make the tools better - more a resentment that user-accessible programming tools exist AT ALL.

Foreshadow looks really bad.

> At a high level, whereas previous generation Meltdown-type attacks are limited to reading privileged
supervisor data within the attacker’s virtual address space, foreshadow-NG attacks completely bypass the virtual memory abstraction by directly exposing cached physical memory contents to unprivileged applications and guest virtual machines.

The mastodon stages:

1: getting used to the interface

2: discovering that most people are just people, engaged in everyday adventures, big & small

3: the allure of the notification sound

4: a gradual getting used to the fact that not everything is about US politics, and that it's okay to filter it out on a macro level

5: a quiet moment when you think "there can still be poetry in this world"

6: some sort of reconciliation with the quantum magic that is the federated timeline

7: pineapples