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political philosophy 

Here's my base political philosophy:

the role of government is to minimize the number of people considered other in order to maximize equitable (re)distribution of resources within the in-group.

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Many of my toots are followers only. If you send me a follow request, I may take awhile to approve it, especially if you don't have a lot of toots yet.

But the precip forecast (that is, NONE) is not a bug. The no rain for 3 months and counting is climate change. RIP my garden.

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murderous intent 

It's a good thing the people who topped the gorgeous hemlock at my house15 years ago are already dead.

Also, do not fucking top trees, especially conifers.

Thinking about that time I was invited to speak at an international conference in Athens and was So Excited until I learned about the existence of Athens, Georgia

Started watching Jumpin’ Jack Flash tonight. Whoopi Goldberg is great and also I love her Christmas pyjamas so much

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I'm loving the "you're brainwashed into thinking regular PCR tests and staying home a few weeks a year is better than millions of Chinese dying and becoming disabled" takes.
What a legacy to leave, just open, unabashed sociopathy for countless generations to look back on.

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rupol war 

I think this is a pretty good article, although I wish it was more optimistic. I'm not much of a history scholar, so I can't speak to that side as much.

rings of power 

I feel like this show is so obsessed with how pretty and "authentic" it is that it keeps forgetting to have characters or story

very abundant food, help requested 

My neighbour was like "would you like some grapes" and I was like "yeah, sure!"

And maybe I should have specified how many grapes I would like because I really don't know what to do with this many grapes folks.

What do I do with this many grapes?

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Reading Stephen King's "Night Surf" (1969) hits a bit differently right now.

"So here we were, with the whole human race wiped out, not by atomic weapons or bio-warfare or pollution or anything grand like that. Just the flu. I'd like to put down a huge plaque somewhere, in the Bonneville Salt Flats, maybe. Bronze Square. Three miles on a side. And in big raised letters it would say, for the benefit of any landing aliens: JUST THE FLU."

Halfway through Kate Beaton’s Ducks. This is a hell of a

Just having a daydream about Canada merging and nationalizing all air and rail, passenger and freight, and building high speed rail across the country.


Made a spiced prune cake this evening and it is perfect and quite autumnal. It looks like tomorrow's promised rain has evaporated yet again, but the smoke is blowing back in so you can trick yourself into fall feelings as long as you don't try to breathe any outside air.

construction, housing, personal 

I ... think a room in my house that was unusable for 2 years is going to be ready for furniture this afternoon. Holy shit.

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Grant me the confidence of a machine learning nerd submitting their paper to an ecology journal.

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Some doofus named Charles messing up Ada’s code and she takes him to task 

On: Afternoon. 1 August 1843

> I wish you were as accurate, & as much to be relied on, as I am myself.

> You might often *save* me much trouble, if you were; whereas you in reality *add* to my trouble not infrequently; and there is at any rate always the anxiety of *doubting* if you will not get me into a scrape; even when you don't.

> By the way, I hope you do not take upon yourself to alter any of my corrections. I must beg you not. They all have some very sufficient reason. And you have made a pretty mess & confusion in one or two places (which I will show you sometime), where you have ventured in my M.S.’s, to insert or alter a phrase or word; & have utterly muddled the sense. I could not conceive at first in one or two places what had happened to my sentences; tho’ I soon saw they were patch-work & not my own;

Via quoting “Ada, the Enchantress of Numbers” by Betty Alexandra Toole

covid, angry 

fuck covid and FUCK the politicians and public health officials that are letting it spread like wildfire


The Kier cult and the romance in this show are brilliant

Pain, food cravings 

Pain backed off enough that I’m craving potato chips and fruit.

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