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Many of my toots are followers only. If you send me a follow request, I may take awhile to approve it, especially if you don't have a lot of toots yet.

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I sometimes forget to cw food/diet/exercise stuff. I'm trying to get better about remembering, but if this is a painful thing for you, maybe consider muting me.

sometimes a student mistakenly calls me a professor and I have to correct them by letting them know I'm just a staff person that does research, writes grants, teaches classes, reviews papers, and manages undergrad and grad student work. simple mistake, tho, no harm.

If you're considering de-Googleing your phone, here's a list to see if you're compatible with Lineage OS.

"Lineage OS devices: Here's a list of every compatible Android device"

I'm currently building a model of "flowering" phenology in lodgepole pine. Flowering is in quotes because conifers don't flower. Conifers have male and female strobili (aka cones). I'm using temperatures in the late winter and spring to predict when lodgepole will shed pollen from their male strobili and be receptive to pollen with their female strobili.

phenology: noun. The study of cyclic, seasonal natural phenomena. Greek.

what people think programming is like: i hacked into the mainframe and initiated a kernel override with a sidechain attack

what programming is actually like: my program broke because i mispelled "public" as "pubic"
the old testament: literally 1200 pages about the shitty greedy ruling class getting owned by God utterly destroying them

evangelicals: being rich means you are a good person and you always deserve it

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Just past first light and hints of green and palest yellow silhouette the mountains.

I feel alright today and am looking forward to it - A morning with a pot of tea and Le Monde Diplomatique, cooking a bunch to freeze for later, and a date with a lovely partner to see the newly opened rooftop garden at the library.

May you find contentment today.

High school US history totally glosses over the fact that the guy who assassinated president McKinley was an anarchist and part of an international anarchist movement and general political unrest that assassinated MANY world leaders in response to economic and other exploitation. What does it say about the US that we don't feel it's safe to teach that to our teenagers?

What do you know, I open my mastodon on the French Revolutionary Calendar Day of the πŸ‘ and find a tl full of πŸ‘.

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This afternoon’s hot beverage is eggnog hot cocoa.

Next up on the list is a couple errands. I’m picking up a few groceries the online delivery didn’t have, then dropping by the library. It’s my turn to read Gathering Moss and I’m so excited. I started it several months ago and had to return it before I was done. It is so beautiful and I can’t wait to sit down and finish it.

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Diane Rwigara is a badass feminist currently jailed for "inciting insurrection"

Go do some politics today, people!

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