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political philosophy 

Here's my base political philosophy:

the role of government is to minimize the number of people considered other in order to maximize equitable (re)distribution of resources within the in-group.

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i believe there must be infrastructure to transition people out of settler-colonialism and into a post-capitalist society. i described it as "send jeff bezos back to college and appropriate his assets". this isn't hard labor we're talking here.

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"Long Covid" 

> Almost a third of recovered Covid patients return to hospital in five months and one in eight die


House and money stuff, climate change 

Our gas furnace is end of life and we’re trying to replace it with a heat pump. Remarkably difficult.

Most companies won’t call us back. Of the ones that have, they all, except for one, pushed gas furnaces hard, flat out lied about heat pump capabilities (or didn’t know?) and made it clear they aren’t actually capable of a good install. The one company that seemed happy to do a heat pump quoted us $23,000 which is preposterous.

WTF why is this so hard

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Sabotage Can Be Done Softly: On Andreas Malm’s “How to Blow Up a Pipeline” - Los Angeles Review of Books

A review of Malm's book in which he argues that the climate movement needs to escalate tactics and adopt strategic property destruction

#books #environment #directaction #protest #climatechange #reading

I think we’re going to have to chop some trees down :(

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Twitter and fash mention 

It's this weird thing to watch everyone realizing that Twitter could have stopped or severely slowed the progress of fascism at any time and just chose not to

When we've been screaming that they can do this for years

And sort of wondering how this mainstream realization that we can just de-platform the fash

Will be weaponized against women, queer people, and people of colour

It’s going to be cloudy, but not raining today. After I finish reading this paper I’m going to go do a panel with the blackberries trying to take over my garden and maybe do some cooking for the week.

I hope you all have a really lovely day.

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Signal appears to be having some growing pains.

I like working in my garden, but I think I need to recruit some help for this battle with the Himalayan blackberries

A person I have a huge friend crush on but don't actually know very well sent me quick hello this morning and I accidentally buried them under an avalanche of messages.

I want to write a letter to city council about zoning reform.

Migraine makes me wish more of my professional obligations were asynchronous text

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Yeah, things are slow, but they're coming along!

Mastodon help 

I know I’ve asked this before but I still can’t figure it out.

How do you get the federated timeline to stop updating out from under you while you’re reading it?

I thought the trick was to scroll down and then up a little after switching to the fed tab, but that’s not working for me (in safari, on phone).

I feel really annoyed and frustrated. There shouldn’t have to be a weird scrolling trick to make the federated timeline readable.


Cooking this lasagna has been a three day affair and involved lots of grocery shopping and cheese grating help because I haven’t been feeling very well.

But they’re in the oven now and I’m looking forward to dinner!

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It’s lasagna making time!

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