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(shitpost) accutane is ableist 

@hfrazey I had the same reaction when I was watching those whispery ASMR videos with like hair brushing and stuff. But THEN I was watching a video of someone using an ancient, well-oiled leather sewing machine and the sound of the machine made me bliss out. Then I realized that using or watching people use old, well-maintained machines chills me out massively. Something about the smooth clacking and the precision.

So maybe something like that will do it for you?

@fobo i thought you were joking, but no. Thats a chicken.

@Iuckyduck ooh good idea!! I have Heathers on Kanopy to watch.

I just stumbled on this Combo Chimbita song and it is g r e a t.

You know when you're trying to have a difficult group discussion in an attenpt to solve some really touchy issues that have been simmering for awhile, but that one guy keeps interrupting and derailing everyone with "lets all be friends!" "I'm uncomfortable!" "Let's stay positive!"?

If you're that guy, you need to shut the fuck up.

food + growing up 

@fobo do you think he likes music or he just likes hangin out?

@fobo i like that he just hangs out being adorable and supportive. My cat would be raining destruction down on everything.


Are ppl using loofahs instead of washcloths or are they just not exfoliating?

So what I'm learning from this absurd social media fight re how many towels you should have, is that I am one of the few people who scrubs with a washcloth everyday.

@ItsTheManOnTheMoon I just thought, "god, Mike looks so young." Lemme fetch my walker....


I'm really pleased that I made a pot of soup yesterday. Hot soup, a new heater, and a cat lap warmer. :blobmiou:

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