My ears have no energy left for narcissists 💀

pet death, burial 

@Iuckyduck that + in grade school we always had art class on Fridays :D :D

@hfrazey awwww so cute with those leaves crammed in its mouth.

I am in natural light for the first time today and realized I chose the wrong top (this one's getting ratty) and I'm covered in cat fur. Good thing I have a networking meeting with someone super important this afternoon 😅


@generica you're back!!!!! You can stomp on my lawn anytime.

MH, discrimination 

near death experience (am totally fine) 

Lazing around with my cat in the a/c is the best part of summer in Ontario.

Fresh peaches and corn is the second best.

Food question 

I really appreciate that no one at my work picks at me about my appearance. It's so refreshing! I put my hair up today and had to remind myself that no one's going to be weird about it, because my coworkers are sweet and positive.

Ravelry, mention of harassment 

I'm taking three days of vacation this Canada Day weekend and doing nothing. :blobrainbow:

Ravelry, USPOL, -Isms, knittig 

I have so much to do but I can't seem to get moving.

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