Today has been one of those days where everything seems more difficult than it needs to be.

@Irina Tables: no running headers, no easy way to break huge tables. No section breaks. Suggested edits accepting themselves. Can't size images to a specific measurement, clunky workspace...

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TIL about the "drowning of Marzanna" which, in typical Slavic fashion, is both creepy and brutal.

Yesterday I bought shoes with cartoon dogs on them and I keep looking at them, because they make me happy.

The power co. ending up having to replace the entire line into the house. They did it at midnight in the dark - very impressive!

Everything is fine now. No constant outages in half of my apartment, no buzzing sounds, no flickering lights, no power surges. :rondoudou:

I took a sick day. I woke up with a migraine and I am NOT starting this week off on a bad foot! Currently making soup and icing my head. (Actual ice, not sugary frosting.)

@hfrazey The knee lift is such a time saver! And I dream of an automatic needle threader.

Is it a model for quilting? I noticed it has a nice, high throat. Does it have a built in walking foot?

@generica i am really angered by all the scoldy comments I'm seeing starting that what happened in NZ is not normal. This shit *is* normal. Racism and violence and internet indoctrinated alt-right terrorists is normal. This is who we are and we need to do something about it instead of continuing to wave it off as some weird abberation.

Morning everyone! Working from home today cos a plumber is coming to fix stuff. 🎉

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