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What I thought were tiny white potatoes are actually tiny peeled potatoes that are covered in that bagged salad chemical. Yuck. Also I guess I need new glasses.

Speaking of stories, job ads are asking for stories now. Now I gotta think of a charming and interesting story about me, rather than the truth. "Crazy, smart, poor, old woman marginalized into admin work seeks something decent with people who aren't too horrible. Give me money."

My phone made a "story" of select photos of my cat and titled it "what a sweetie." My hair stood on end when I found it. TOO FAR, AI.

Man, a lot of books on mindfulness are super classist.

Oh no dowdy shoes are back in style. I can't look at them objectively because they're very late 90s - early 00s, which is my jam.

@Iuckyduck I followed your recommendation and got some burritos from Burrito Boyz! Delicious! And massive! I bought two so I can eat part of one for dinner tonight.

I found a job I REALLY want. Pls cross all digits for me.

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You know the Chinese lion dance costume? My mother looks like that whenever she buys food at grocery stores here. Her eyes pop out, her jowls quiver, and her head shakes in rage. "WHERE ARE THE CRUMPETS?! I NEED MOLASSES BREAD!! WHY DON'T THEY HAVE GRAVES BEANS??"


What's a good, free alternative to the Windows default photo viewer? Anybody?

Oh wow the latest Adobe CS updates are so freaking great! I love the change to undo in PS, and I love the new freeform gradient in Illustrator.

I hate that bit before a cold properly settles in. The hot throat dizzy super-tired feeling. I prefer to be a snot bag thx

Woo sudden hail storm! Cat was very intrigued by the bouncing ice balls outside the window.

Lol some entertainment reporter is talking about Karen Kain on the news like no one knows who she is. "The woman who put this on, a dancer named Karen Kain..." She's Canada's most famous dancer!

I'm making some illustrations of common birds of Nova Scotia for fun and practice.

I might fiddle with this one some more but it's mostly done.

When I give compliments people take them greedily and hoard them. There's no exchange or mutual appreciation going on, which is what I was used to in my old friend groups and workplaces.

When I hung out with my old friend from Halifax a couple of weeks ago it was the first time since i moved here that someone had been genuinely nice to and appreciative of me. It's really important for humans to get that regularly. In the spaces I've been in Toronto, in costuming, at work, and online people hoard praise and kindness and are liberal with criticism and put-downs. It's sick.

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