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Please talk to me before you follow me! I am on Mastodon to make friends and be part of a community.

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Also I've realized that after ten years in theatre and freelancing I dont know how to speak like a professional anymore. I'm just trampling around verbally making an ass of myself. Mortifying. I hope I can adjust quickly.

My new co-workers are all super nice, but very passive. We have to deal with a lot of big corporation nonsense and they keep warning me not to get too excited and try to fix things. I don't think it's in my nature to do that. :think_bread:

I think it's funny when you pet one dog and all the other dogs crowd around like "MY TURN NOW"

I am out of my house! Taking a sewing class! And I also got this groovy notebook.

Had a pretty good first day at work! I'm exhausted, though 😅. I'm excited to get the training over with and start actually working. Maybe next week.

A stranger tapped me on the shoulder at an intersection to tell me that i have incredibly beautiful hair. So nice!! 💖

I just assumed Karl Lagerfeld would live to be 350. There was something vampiric about him.

Latest landlord bs: they're claiming the power has been flickering all week because it's cold out. 🙄 If you don't see me again it's because I've died in an electrical fire.

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And this is my walkway, because, like the city, my landlords don't believe in maintenance.

(I might be extreeeeemely grumpy today. Bordering on ragey.)

So this is what my street looks like three days after a snowfall. It's a leg breaking mixture of slush, black ice, 4" thick solid ice slabs, frozen snowbanks, and 30-40 cm deep puddles.

Trying melatonin again. Please work please work please work.

I tried it years ago with no success, but maybe my body chemistry's changed. I just want to sleep. Pls.

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I went downtown this morning to run some errands and now stink of burned pencils, hash browns, and rotten roses.

I know I've been online too much lately, because I feel really overwhelmed by bullshit. Everything is a power play and a lie and a meme.

You know those chatbots that started to communicate with each other in their own secret language? It seems interesting until you realize they're just repeating stupid, meaningless shit at each other. That's where we're going.

Snow day! She needs a rest after a hard morning of being a bitey monster.

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