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Please talk to me before you follow me! I am on Mastodon to make friends and be part of a community.

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I got my eyes checked and ordered a new pair of glasses yesterday 🤓 My eyes are only a tiny bit worse than when I had my last exam (ummm 8+ years ago), but I definitely need readers now for sewing.

I am very slowly fixing all the broken things.

Latest incident: it took literally five days for my work's moron IT department to figure out the reason for a problem affecting me that was spreading to other people on my team. I suggested something (which turned out to be correct) in my original ticket and throughout the five day saga, which was shot down (and laughed at!) by tech after tech. I had to get my male manager involved to pull in someone competent. And even that person didn't properly read what I wrote until I snarled at him.

I am so so so tired of encountering a problem, doing careful research and troubleshooting to diagnose the problem, and then being told I'm SO WRONG (hilarious! The woman thought she knew something!) by "professionals" in that area.... only for me to be right. And it's never acknowledged and no one ever apologies or says "hey we should have respected what you said and started there instead of fucking around ineptly for hours (sometimes months) and wasting your time."

I couldn't resist and pre-ordered Sinking City today. I also finally received some black linen I ordered from a person in Japan, so I can get started on my Eldritch Horror embroidery project soon :D

Why are the accountants for award shows always called Jan

A queer industrial band on Eurovision?!!! Pleasewinpleasewinpleasewin

I love Greece's odd voice and these crazy courtesan x fencer costumes

So he's just gonna sing the song in a plastic tube?


Rofl "Lake Malawi" is such an odd name for a Czech boy band

I think the song is boring, but Malta's set/lighting is really cool and modern, esp for Eurovision.

A raccoon just ambled by and stared at me though my window before moving along to check out the neighbour's bins. Weird for it to be out in the day.

I love America's Test Kitchen, but they need to focus on diversity like, yesterday. Especially because they're increasingly making food way outside of the white 1950s American oeuvre and it just seems inauthentic. I don't trust that Brigdet from West Virginia knows how bulgogi should taste.

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I've been keeping my retired, bored, depressed mother busy by asking her to drive to libraries, archives, etc. to dig up information for our family tree. She's SO into it and it's really cute.

She won't just type her findings into an email, though. She has to put it in a Word doc and then send it to me. She emails me several Word docs a day. I finally got her in the habit of putting a subject on her emails, so maybe she'll come around on the Word doc thing.

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