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Please talk to me before you follow me! I am on Mastodon to make friends and be part of a community.

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I feel really tech-stupid lately. Sometimes I can add an img description to a photo I attach to a toot, sometimes I can't find the option.


MY LIFE. Well, fortunately without any murderous aliens.

@Iuckyduck may I join

Umm also I don't know how to do it. Do I just follow an invite link to your instance and create an account?


"Off cuts of meat are a great way to save money; you just have to season them."

*Adds $20 worth of fresh herbs*

I watched The Love Witch 




I ate: texas brisket, pulled pork, cornbread, baked beans, apple cake, salad with tiny tortillas in it, coleslaw, and pickles. And wine.

Can't move.


Big feast party later today! I made some beans, cornbread, and coleslaw, and others are bringing brisket, pulled pork, pickles, wine, salad, and cake. Can't wait :rondoudou:

I considered skipping breakfast to increase stomach space.

Calm, rainy day at work today.

I met a colleague from our Calgary office and she hugged me and pinched my cheeks. :blobrainbow:

I don't remember this music video but it's pretty great. (There is a fab leopard print romper(?) )

Update: Actually not going to see Boney M in Dec. I'll just listen to Daddy Cool and drink rum and eggnog, as is tradition.

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We also had this war over music. He cost me so much money replacing CDs. We lived in a tiny mining town in the north, so I had to order everything by mail. I had to buy Stoner Witch at least twice (Houdini and Lysol were safe), hide Babes in Toyland's Nemesisters, and had to replace my friend's RHCP cd that he tossed because it had "suck my kiss" on it, which was VERY VULGAR.

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When I was 15-16 I got a bunch of badly done piercings, and one day my dad yelled "HOW MANY PIERCINGS ARE YOU GOING TO GET??!!" and it was basically the highlight of my teenage years.

Well also that time he yelled b/c I had painted my nails white. For some reason that was WAY over the line. Black nails and black/purple lipstick (remember Revlon's Black Cherry lipstick?) were tolerable, white nails = young lady take that off right now Satan is watching.

So today I will eat my Thanksgiving dinner (alone, as usual) and think about what to do.

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Which is my fault, because I'm hovering on the edge of agoraphobia and the idea of trying to make new friends makes me want to die.

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But obv I can't do that every night, so I have to figure out how to feel OK all the time, without drugs or food or whatever.

A few days ago I was reading old messages from friends and I realized I've lost them all. I live a very solitary existence right now.

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i felt very melancholy and weird yesterday, so I got stoned and listened to Austra for 8 hours.

I have all these skills, but I lost my imagination and heart.

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I'm going to save up for a decent tablet and pen, take some illustration courses at OCAD, and start doing the bare minimum at work. I keep forgoing what makes me happy to be a better employee.

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