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@Iuckyduck for some reason I thought that this is something that you might like

I need to find a Christmas present for my nephew that is a) cat-related b) completely ridiculous c) under $20

Also fully half of the questions made no sense. And if you want accurate responses from all populations in a large city you need to write your questions concisely and clearly.

I just completed a horribly written survey for the city. It was about the future of self-driving cars. Almost all of the questions started with, "The City will harness the adoption of auto-driving cars to ensure..."

Harness the adoption?

I guess it's too much to expect historical accuracy in a hidden object game, isn't it

Fully a quarter of MeFi asks could be answered with "stop hitting yourself."

I just made and ate the best chicken noodle soup. So happy right now

When my campaign to have "Wonderful Christmastime" banned from the airwaves FOREVER is successful, I hope people are outraged even though they secretly hate that song, too. I will sit here as they make their memes, feeling smug, not listening to "Wonderful Christmastime."

I survived a very busy, family-packed weekend. Mostly because one of my relatives makes edibles and likes to share.

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I am watching a documentary about a guy living alone in Alaska. Listening to him talk is so relaxing. His name is Dick Proenneke and he lived alone for 30 years before joining civilization again at the age of 82.

Heeee I gave my cat some tuna juice as a treat and she's drinking it so fast she's sneezing

I just realized that I get super annoyed at my upstairs neighbour's noises because I'm used to people slamming and smashing around on purpose to be passive aggressive. They're not passive aggressive; they're just super clumsy and trying to make dinner.

One of my favourite games shut down yesterday. It was a hilarious free for all in the final 24 hours. A dev changed my character into a wooden crate. Which was funny, except it was right before I began a 20-man raid.

Do you ever take a drink of water and your small sip becomes a phantom baseball stuck in your throat?

I need to self-soothe. Who are some unusual but wonderful people in the public eye who you admire? Right now I can only think of Chuck Tingle, Frankie MacDonald, Leslie Hall, Sam Barsky.... Gimme more

Bah. Rejected from the job I really wanted. I feel like I'm scrabbling around in the dark.

Is there such a thing as a Hallmark Christmas movie + a murder mystery? Maybe a bit creepy? I need that.

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