I'm #blogging again, this time about the #fediverse for a not-yet-in-fediverse audience:

Heterarchy: Decentralization and Federation in Social Networking

h/t to @platypus @joshuatj @bgcarlisle @Gargron @TheKinrar y'all let me know if I've misunderstood or misrepresented anything so I can fix thanks


@paregorios @TheKinrar @gargron @bgcarlisle @joshuatj @platypus very good intro and summary! I would only add that, if you're used to native apps for other social networks, choosing one for Mastodon is a good thing. I'm not sure Twitter-to-Mastodon autoposting is well accepted, and I understand it somehow undermines the network effects.

@steko @paregorios Yeah, you might need to check your instance's policies re: autoposting

For example, on Scholar Social, repeaters of RSS feeds or Twitter accounts are allowed, but they must be set to post as Unlisted, not Public

@bgcarlisle and @steko

Thanks. I've updated the post to reflect your suggestions!

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