Good #software #documentation is a key to make your work reusable for others and lower the barrier for contributors to join the project.

Join the Codeberg #Docuthon starting today till July 17 and help improve the docs for your project or assist us with the Codeberg Docs.

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@codeberg is there any chance for making Codeberg work with ReadTheDocs? 😬
Right now I manually start new documentation builds when documentation is updated in the repo, e.g and

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@steko How do you make a new build? Run it locally?

If you have a script that can be triggered via a web url (e.g. a PHP script or something), you can use a webhook to call the URL on pushes.

Once the Codeberg CI goes live, you could probably also use a CI script to build and push your docs.

@codeberg I run it from the ReadTheDocs dashboard. The issue is described here and I never understood how to use the "new" webhooks mentioned in the comments of that issue.

@steko I think we can't help you with this via SocialMedia. Maybe someone else knows how to move forward here, otherwise please open an Community Issues so more people can comment on it.

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