#fosshost.org is now partnering with #Freenode: fosshost.org/news/freenode

I assume if one wanted to, they could discuss said announcement in their IRC channel... on #LiberaChat: fosshost.org/news/libera-chat


@legoktm their FAQ on the topic is filled with handwaving and embarassing truths about their desperate need of money fosshost.org/news/freenode-faq
They're one year old and already a failure, it's a shame that large projects like Gnome depend on their services.
If this wasn't enough, fosshost is a boys club.

@steko some real freenode apologist writing going on...

they're also giving people 7 days before they start enforcing their new CoC: nitter.cc/nicolas09F9/status/1

which I guess is just a little better than freenode, which started enforcing their new policies before they published them.

@AbbieNormal @legoktm yes, it's listed on the official @gnome website under "GNOME Supporters" together with Private Internet Access and other sponsors

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