I keep trying to understand the need for Gemini and it really doesn't make sense. Like I'm open to read more posts but I'm still confused

@jalcine From a purely utilitarian user perspective there isn't any need for Gemini. It does some things which are the same as the web - linked documents - but is a lot less capable than the web.

From a userops perspective Gemini fulfils a need for mastery. You can fully understand the specification in a reasonable amount of time, whereas the web is a gigantic set of specifications which you could spend years studying without full comprehension. Gemini also breaks the dependency upon certificate authorities and all that comes with them. It has a small, well defined attack surface, and its lack of complexity makes tracking and advertising not so viable as it is on the web. Being unattractive to advertisers can be seen as an asset.


@bob @jalcine I guess interest in Gemini varies a lot based on each one's experience and feelings with the Web. For me it "clicked" just by reading the short description. I created my first website in 1997 and it had midi audio backgrounds. I don't make a living as a web professional, which seems important. If Gemini doesn't sound good for you, it's fine and there's no need to justify yourself for not liking it nor to blame Gemini

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