Professor Dan-El Padilla Peralta “wants to save Classics from whiteness”, featured on NYT. The response is as bad as one could expect, or possibly worse, writes Dimitri Nakassis.

@steko try looking at the select comments on the original article. In general, my end of the community has been building an Ancient World Studies rather than a philological Classics for decades if not a century. There are not many classics departments left in Canada: most are Greek and Roman Studies or part of larger humanities departments.

@steko I'm confused because I see some ideas coming out of the UK and US based, Classics end of the community which were being mocked by L. Sprague de Camp in the 1952

@steko Innsbruck created its Classica et Orientalia program decades ago, and its Ancient World Studies and Archaeologies institute a few years ago (alongside the Boltzman Institute which studies neo-Latin) Lloyd Llewellyn Jones in Cardiff has been building an Ancient World Studies program which will eventually include all the major literate regions for a while now.

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