I honestly don't know what to think about this change. It seems to put the main focus on a lot of unfinished 'products' that are half community driven and half controlled by startups, at the same time the core dat tooling is almost thrown away. The new home page fails both at giving a decent human readable overview and showing how to start using it right away.


I have not goten to deep into #dat but ( following @aral ) had at least heard of it.

Your take on the core dat tooling being thrown away immediately brought this question to my head: is maybe anyone forking of those tools and keeps working on that?

@el_joa @steko Core Dat isn’t being thrown away. The opposite: they’re concentrating on the core (which is hypercore).

@el_joa right now, the 'community maintained' means the original dat command line client is abandoned

On the other hand, I can't see how enthusiasts like @aral can continue recommending now that it's become a parody of decentralized social network mimicking centralized silos.

I loved the idea of as the infrastructure for scientific data sharing. Apparently it never got traction.

@steko @el_joa I’ve been playing with and talking about the core technologies (what is now hypercore, etc.), not Beaker. I have nothing against Beaker but it’s not what excites me. Given Apple’s move to kill offline web apps by erasing all your data if you don’t use the app for seven days, I’m now of the mindset that we can’t trust local browser data anyway so I’m changing my design (this was what I was originally thinking of using Dat for). Ironically, might make it more robust.

@steko @el_joa PS. I still think hypercore/hyperdrive are hugely useful for content publishing. They target the censorship/freedom of expression aspect more than anything else.

@steko I listened to about using Beaker as a web editor and web app IDE, hosting your decentralized site and app in your browser, and I didn't think it sounded anything like a centralized silo at all.

It sounded like the return of the old web to me, copying and remixing each other's content and code.

@aral @el_joa
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