I'm deleting all repositories I have on and happily migrating to @codeberg (iosacal is the big one and will take some more time)

I also deleted some unused gitlab accounts on other servers like

@orbjet @mondstern @codeberg their latest evil is asking female employees to wear high heels. Before that, with a 'no politics at workplace' stance, they wanted to keep quiet how much they're looking for big $$ contracts with all branches of government including ICE. They messed with users' privacy and retracted introducing telemetry after public outrage. And I'm not even touching the technical side: is a behemoth all about Kubernetes

@orbjet @mondstern @codeberg I am a hobbyist developer, I believe in free and open source, I don't like 'open core' model. All reasons to leave their platform and put my money towards a better cause!

@codeberg @steko @mondstern well that's just wrong attitude towards people. Culture eats strategy and gains value not mini skirts and high heals.

@orbjet @mondstern @steko @codeberg

Simple: free projects deserve a free home.

.org hosting on .com was a historical mistake we all made. Time to correct it!

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