On privacy versus freedom. @matrix details a reply to lead developer Moxie Marlinspike after his recent talk

@fireglow @steko synapse has been getting steadily better, actually ;p

@steko @matrix Matrix still makes it nearly impossible to run your own identity server and identity is fairly core to federation, so I'm not sure where this leads us.

@emacsen @steko identity servers are strictly optional in Matrix - all they do is map email/msisdn to mxids. Many people just don't use them (just like you don't have them in IRC). You can absolutely run your own if you must, c.f.

@matrix @steko It didn't seem optional at the time I used it. I had to connect to *some* identity server, and it was recommended to use yours. The instructions then talked about emailing someone about being listed as a trusted identity server.

Maybe things have changed?

@emacsen @steko so for a while, Riot made you specify a server, even if you never actually used it, which was a thinko due to trying to simplify UX. This got fixed in though. We've never told anyone to email anyone about being a 'trusted identity server' - trust is entirely up to the user to determine.

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