My life has slightly but undoubtedly improved since I stopped reading

because I can do without the structural irony (irony must die, remember), the US centric world view and, lately, the aggrandizing self promotion.


Because, while held in high praise for being associated with wit and a sort of detachment from ordinary views, it has become a way to reinforce the status quo and a solipsist exercise. Just like its half-literate sister Satire it is only for the educated and the privileged to attack those who are already weak rather than a weapon against the powerful.

@elia @freemo
See e.g. one example here ... being "ironically" racist is no better than the outright racism of hate groups.

@steko @freemo well, in these extreme cases I do agree with you. But saying that irony must die, seems a bit too much to me. I think, it depends for what purpose you use it. When I was in high school I used irony to detach my view from that of others and it was to promote free software, so...
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