Moved from #Gitorious to #GitLab about 5 years ago. Looks like its time to move again. @codeberg came to my attention recently. Thinking about becoming a sustaining member.

@rskikuli @codeberg I have only created an account so far, have not moved repositories yet. One reason is that I received an email from GitLab stating that they will add tracking (shared with 3rd parties) soon. Another reason is: I also like the mission statement of @codeberg and I think it is time for me to not take everything for granted anymore. That's why I decided to become a paying member.

I will probably keep my GitLab and GitHub accounts for collaboration though.


That's my perspective as well. More broadly, after 10+ years of using code repositories I think it's never too late for a non-profit initiative like with a strong emphasis on sustainability. Freemium VC-based platforms, even open source like GitLab, remain tied to cycles of profitability that are dangerous to the community
@rskikuli @codeberg

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