Yesterday's version might have introduced a new type of crash, sorry! This new version 0.1903.20-beta fixes that.


@manyver_se silly question: I can't seem to be able to upgrade an install using - is that expected?

@steko That's expected because F-Droid builds the app and signs it differently than Dat Installer (if I'm not mistaken, this problem also exists between F-Droid and Google Play). Also don't uninstall / re-install, as you *will* lose your account if you do that. F-Droid will soon have version 0.1903.20, they build every 3 days or so.

@steko In the future Manyverse will store your core account in a user directory independent from any apps, so that even if you uninstall, you won't lose your account. For now, it's sensitive.

@manyver_se @steko Would that directory contain only ~/.ssb/secret or the whole Flume+blob database?

I'm fairly sure dropping both outside the root-only area is a good thing for many purposes though, as SSBdb is just a db.

@Parnikkapore @steko The directory should contain at least .ssb/secret, .ssb/gossip.json, and .ssb/conn.json

Fully agree it should be in a non-root directory, we just need to figure out password protection for the secret file

@manyver_se I was careful enough not to uninstall (since I've been bitten in the past). No rush however! Thank you

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