Today I installed the app from - it is a social network based on or rather a mobile frontend for the Secure Scuttlebutt protocol. Many concepts are difficult to grasp, as it's very different from the Fediverse - you don't need a server in the first place. It seems rudimentary but very promising since it can work off the grid, via Bluetooth or local network. There are no URLs for users neither for messages. Reminds of in many ways.

@manyver_se just pointing to the above toot in case there is something that needs corrections in my short summary!

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@manyver_se so many questions... are private messages supported with the current version? I tried sending one from Patchwork (through the local network! Amazing) but I can only see the public "timeline" from

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@steko Hi! Private messages are not yet supported but clearly in the roadmap. — @staltz

@manyver_se @staltz thank you! I'm trying to understand how Manyverse and Patchwork interact

@charlag not yet. For the moment I just connected with myself using a laptop and the phone

Does it work over bluetooth without any internet connection? In flight mode?

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