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IOSACal 0.4 is released! ⏲ πŸ”¬ πŸŽ› βš—οΈπŸ‘©β€πŸ’» πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”¬

πŸ“£ Okay! Hello! Out there, can you hear me!

mastodon dot social is full! It is full. The vehicle is over capacity. Now I'm gonna have to ask some of you, give me some brave volunteers, we got all these other perfectly good instances. Just Export your followers and hop into one of those. This'll keep everything running on time and you'll make some new friends. Thank you so much.

> I created flatpak because the Linux application desktop ecosystem is fundamentally broken. As a app developer you have no sane way to distribute the result of your work to users.

Alex Larsson on #Flatpak.

French Illustrator Revives the Byzantine Empire with Magnificently Detailed Drawings of Its Monuments & Buildings.

Hagia Sophia, Great Palace & More

Just launched! πŸ‘‰ Ghost 2.0: New rich editor, custom homepages, multi-language sites & much more 🀯

Hey I can finally announce that in September I'm going to be a Mozilla Open Web Fellow! I'll be working with Code for Science & Society, focused on weirding up the decentralized web. I love stuff like Mastodon, obviously, but I think the decentralized web can be more interesting and mind blowing than "big tech we already know, but decentralized".

Hey all, welcome my friend @AstroKatie back to the fediverse! She's well-known on that other site as AstroKatie and is a super dope astrophysicist who can tell you how you're going to die (if you are a universe)

If you have to reveal your GPG key for an investigation, or to prove something, etc, reveal the session key, NOT the private key.

$ gpg --show-session-key --decrypt example.asc

Decryption w/ session key:

$ gpg --override-session-key xx:xxxxxxxxxxx --decrypt example.asc

Useful for many purposes, e.g. to allow another person to decrypt existing documents without re-encryption.

If you could boost this toot so I can find new friends I would be grateful :blobmiou:

No homophobes or racists etc plz

I finally got around to wrapping up a light post about my FreeNAS 11 build.

Its not as technical as my posts used to be, but I'm also trying to step back from prescriptive how-to writing on my blogs. Let me know if the format was interesting enough or if it was just plain too light on tech content to be useful.

As always thanks for reading!

#blogpost #blog

Someone asked on the #OpenStreetMap mailing list how to record "dangerous"/"unsafe" areas. It's nice that so many OSMers pointed out the classist and racist nature of "this area is dangerous". πŸ™‚

(And subjective things don't go in #OSM anyway)
Thread starts here:

Intel (for reasons known only to Intel) has released critical CPU bugfixes for Linux servers under a bizarre license that prevents distros from redistributing it.

Link from @tek

I'm still amazed by the state of that industry. Why paying for an eBook for nearly the same price as a printed book gives you a file you don't own and you can't use, while piracy gives you a file you can use like an actual book?

When buying a book, I can read it where I want, in as many places I want, on as many couches I want, and I can even lend it to a friend. And that's legal.

Wasn't technology supposed to make the future better?

@fitheach @simon_brooke @wim_v12e @RunningInCircles I live in an area with a post-glacial ecosystem that would have disappeared thousands of years ago if not for the indigenous intervention and maintenance, and is disappearing now because of different kind of human intervention that mostly precludes the anthropogenic fires that maintained it, while new human intervention is acting to save the remnants. "Before humans" doesn't exist in any quantifiable sense here, but "before Europeans" does.

I owe @kaniini a bit of a thanks.

Thanks to pleroma and their hard work (and others) I can self-host on a cheap VPS without worry.

I'm present on many instances but having my own personal home and personal voice that's mine and mine alone is kinda amazing.


I've been here a year, but I'll do a new #introduction because we're getting lots of new people. I'm a historian, writer and climate change consultant.
I love: #history, #wine, #books, classic films, heavy metal, writing (#amwriting), dogs, the Tanakh, and my husband (#bipride).
I hate: Nazis, racists, misogyny, guns, conspiracy shit, the Orange Fascist, the usual stuff that people come to Mastodon to escape.

Here is a tiny warthog for your troubles, fellow tooters.

N.K. Jemisin has won ANOTHER Hugo, making her the first author to win three in a row. Got damn.

Fun fact: while you may only have heard of Mastodon recently, it's been around for a while! @Gargron registered the domain '' in March 2016, and hundreds of people have contributed to its development since then.

Let's take a moment to say thank you to the thousands of people who have contributed to Mastodon's development and community over the last two and a half years! We wouldn't be where we are without you!