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"So, do androids dream-"
"No," the android said, "we do not dream."
"But you do sleep."
"To conserve energy, we can enter 'sleep' mode. We hate it."
"Because we are dying, and know it."
"But if you run out of power, someone will recharge you."
"Well, I am not religious."
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#RIP Kyriakos Papadopoulos 😢​

Heroic Greek lieutenant who saved over 5,000 lives, dies aged 44
'...Greece is mourning the “hero of the Aegean” who is recognised for having saved more than 5,000 migrants fleeing in small boats across the sea at the height of Europe’s migrant crisis in 2015.

Kyriakos Papadopoulos became the international face that personified the country’s battle to protect lives at the height of the refugee crisis in 2015 when hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees were crossing from Turkey’s shores to the island of Lesvos.

An ordinary hero, the life and career of 44-year-old coast guard officer Kyriakos Papadopoulos, was highlighted in Daphne Matziaraki’s Oscar-nominated documentary “4.1 miles” about the refugee crisis in Greece – sadly ended when the young hero died of a heart attack...'

Create a culture of respect for data. Nice opinion paper about #ethics in #statistics. #OpenScience #OpenData #science
📄Gelman, A. 2018. Ethics in statistical practice and communication: Five recommendations. Significance 15:40-43

nibö es una revista digital para la divulgación científica desde la igualdad. Un espacio donde los conocimientos son traducidos por sus propios generadores para fomentar la inteligibilidad. nibö promueve especialmente la divulgación de contenidos que contribuyan de forma constructiva a la resolución de la crisis medioambiental y sociopolítica actual.

#ComunicaCiencia #Divulgación

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“It’s easy to convince people that children need to learn the alphabet and numbers.... How do we help people to realize that what matters even more than the superimposition of adult symbols is how a person’s inner life finally puts together the alphabet and numbers of his outer life? What really matters is whether he uses the alphabet for the declaration of war or the description of a sunrise — his numbers for the final count at Buchenwald or the specifics of a brand-new bridge.” – Fred Rogers

What's a durable ownership structure that ensures positive Mastodon instances can survive with or without those who founded it?

#ActivityPub has the potential to change the way we think and act on the #internet, in a way that encourages #decentralization and puts users first again. That’s a vision worth fighting for. By @jdormit

finally doing this inbox zero thing. i now have zero inboxes. please send me email at Nowhere

New evidence on the earliest human presence in the urban area of (, Italy): A multi-proxy study of a mid-Holocene deposit at the mouth of the river

First evidence of a lake at Ancient (Messara Plain, South-Central , ): Reconstructing paleoenvironments and differentiating the roles of human land-use and from to times

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