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I don't have a great grasp of what's going on with quantum computing, but I saw a talk today about how it is advancing apace. IBM now at 53 qubits.

Given the stated potential of quantum computers, seems worrying that they will be the playthings of wealthy states and corporations. Barclays recently used it for some financial application for example. The liberatory potential could be vast, but will it be used for those ends? Don't want to be a crank, but I'm not feeling particularly hopeful...

You've probably all seen pictures of this theatre, but let me add a few of my own. The theatre is really quite large, it can seat more than 12,000 people. This picture gives an idea of its setting.

#Pinafore users: what's your preferred way of using Pinafore?

@plsburydoughboy No: Twitter people should use the Fediverse, not abuse it. Boosting their stuff is abusing the Fediverse, as it does not give the agency to respond.

Starting now, I will unfollow anyone who "retweets". If I were interested in Twitter, I would use it, thank you.

Are you in the AEC industry and looking to quit Autodesk? Check out #Blender #BIM!

New tools include BIMTester - run unit tests for your BIM models! New UI for georeferencing, attributes, property sets, offering first-class native support for IFC that _no_ other proprietary tool offers!

Check it out and share with other #architecture folks!

#opensource #mastoart

Violences conjugales, demande d'aide. 

How to tell a true friend: they strip the tracking identifiers and amp junk from a url before sharing it with you.

gli acquedotti dell'antica in programma per domani ANNULLATO causa allerta meteo!

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“La censura aiuta la guerra di Erdogan”

Facebook chiude le pagine di diversi siti di informazione antagonista: "Evidentemente, l’espansionismo di Erdoğan non è solo territoriale, ma si propaga anche nell’intelligence digitale. Gli attacchi che stanno subendo queste pagine non hanno nulla di

#contropiano #dinamopress #erdogan #facebook #globalproject #infoaut #milanoinmovimento #radioondad'urto #rojava #turchia

hanno appena chiuso le pagine facebook di tpo e labas

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