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On this day in 1500 A.D., Portuguese navigator Diogo Dias “discovered” Madagascar, i.e. his ship got lost during a storm while on its way to plunder India and accidentally drifted within eyesight of the island.

By the time Dias “discovered” this “new land”, the Swahili and the Arabs had already been trading with the native population for several centuries, some of them even having settled long enough on the island to be considered native themselves.

audio compression & formats 

- you mostly can't tell the difference between a good mp3 or a good ogg and a flac. it's designed to lose the less audible sounds first. if you have good headphones and good ears and compare a song you know very well that uses patterns that mp3 doesn't compress well, you may hear that some frequencies are lost or distorted. even on a 320 mp3, and more the lower the bitrate. but still it's Very Good at compressing audio for humans.

- flac is very useful for archival, it divides the source size in half and keeps every bit of data intact. it 'replaces' wav files (compression is specified for wav but never became common). you can compress it and decompress it many times and you will still get the original file at the end ('lossless'). a mp3 gets worse every time depending on the exact encoding, like a jpeg. ('lossy')

- flac is the png, wav is the bmp, mp3 is the jpeg. none of those are perfect but each is good at a few things

whenever i read trump talking about black and "hispanic" unemployment numbers at historic lows all i can think of is this

"there’s more overlap between pseudoarchaeology and cults/alternative religions/new religious movements than one might think"

An Archaeological Exploration of Sagebrush – Part 1 – Bones, Stones, and Books

Just finished "Working in Public" by Nadia Eghbal. One of the best books I've read about software development. I learned a lot, and I feel like I have a much sharper understanding of how open source works and why people are motivated to write it.

Intervista a Walter Vannini, consulente e auditor #GDPR: “I #GAFAM, con il Privacy Shield invalidato, non possono rispettare il GDPR, perché alcune leggi USA li possono obbligare a violarlo e a mantenere segreta la violazione. Cosa fare? #sicurezza #dati
#PrivacyShield @paolo @maupao @Ca_Gi @wikimediaitalia @filippodb @steko @morven @quinta

Why's Jacobin the one sensible take I read on the TikTok news?

(The toots I read are fine, but by nature too brief)

"we will coup whoever we want" elon musk's disembodied head taunts in your dreams. "whoever we want" the multitude of musks repeats.

You don't need to speak English like a native

It's okay to have "weird" pacing when speaking. It's also okay to make sentences with correct meaning but uncommon phrasing

Don't allow yourself to pause because you're struggling to find the most native-sounding way to phrase what you mean

Just express what you mean in the most comfortable way to you

There's no "broken" English. English isn't owned by Americans or the British. For better or worse, it's become an international language.

Instead of continuing to spam sim's thread I'll continue my spin on nationalism vs patriotism here. 😀

The protest movement in Hong Kong was an unholy alliance of patriotism and nationalism[0]‌ right from the start: There were those who just wanted Beijing to hold up their end of the bargain and preserve what's special about Hong Kong, and there were those who just wanted to kick out the mainlanders, regardless if they're state officials or just normal people on the street building a life.

In the beginning, mainlanders even participated in the protests, but pretty soon suspicion about infiltration from the PAP, and well-founded suspicion at that, led to the ineveitable consequence that anyone Chinese-looking but not speaking Cantonese with a Hong Kong accent and register would not feel safe joining the protests.

It has been a strategy from the government all along to emphasize the nationalism and separatism of the movement, rather than acknowledging that most Hongkongers support the patriot part of the movement, just allowing Hong Kong to be Hong Kong.

[0]‌ or localism as it's called here because Hong Kong isn't a nation, recognized or otherwise ... but the government's opposition to the people is slowly creating a national identity

Mumbai, India is not in a good way after exceptional rainfall. Heaviest rain in 47 years. Far from ideal on top of the pandemic.

Mumbai has received 2,319mm of rain so far this year. The annual average is 2,260mm. It's only August.

#india #mumbai #ClimateCrisis

> I was extruded on the age limit at the end of last term. In many ways a melancholy proceeding, especially financially. Though I have belonged to F.S.S.U. [university pension scheme] since it began in 1920, it does not provide enough for one to live on one's laurels (old and dusty as Christmas decorations in January). Without the assistance of 'Hobbits and all that' things would be meagre.

J.R.R. #Tolkien, some academic who would be unable to retire without getting lucky on a side gig

Desde que Zoom compró Keybase es imposible no dudar del servicio y acabo de descubrir @keyoxide.

Tengo que echarle un vistazo pero permite, a parte de cifrar mensajes, verificar tu identidad en redes como Mastodon a través de OpenPGP.

Mastoadmins: Please check your instances and switch new users to approvals only! There's another bot mass-creating accounts 


Lots of auto-generated accounts last night- please check your instances for random character string accounts!

If you wish to control your online identity and consider #keybase, please have a look at instead :)

- fully #opensource
- #decentralized and #privacy focuse
- no vendor lock-in
- no #zoom takeover \o/

#pgp #gpg #encryption

we have THREE panels left in #SummerSchool

@esty will be presenting on the Future of Ice which with climate change is very important, and also I don't know science, so come learn more science

Anyone know some good industrial / synth stuff by trans artists?

(Yes, I am quite familiar with Wendy Carlos, thank you.)

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