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Spinster's Tusky fork was removed from F-Droid's main repository.
That's good, however leaves one big question: Why was it included in the first place? Why was research into Spinster only done after the fact, when there was a vocal opposition to it being included right from the start?
Dear fediverse,

does anybody know of instructions on how to light an oil lamp (the kind with vegetable oil) with flint and steel, and no matches (not even the old, non self-igniting, type with sulfur)?

I've found how to light fires (lots of resources), a couple of instructions on how to light candles that aren't going to work with a lamp, articles and videos about oil lamps in general, but nothing on the combination.

I can't believe that before the invention of sulfur matches people had to light a full fire (or ask some fire to the neighbors) in order to be able to light a simple lamp…

Just . . . why

There are literally two letters on the page

I swear every time I hop on mastodon I learn about 3 really cool open source projects you can self-host, find 8 really interesting articles to read, learn 4 new words, and hate capitalism 5% more


This is so awesome. A quarterly Lo-fi hip hop & chill bootleg mixtape, distributed exclusively through the #Gemini #protocol.

Need a client to view Gemini? Try AV-98 by @solderpunk -

"Let us never forget the Berlin comedy clubs and cabarets, which did so much to stop the rise of Hitler and prevent World War Two." - paraphrase of Peter Cook

"The audiences like to think that satire is doing something. But, in fact, it is mostly to leave themselves satisfied. Satisfied rather than angry, which is what they should be." - quote from Tom Lehrer

E allora mi sa che sono antisemita

"Da questo momento tutti i palestinesi e tutti gli arabi sono antisemiti. Tutti gli ebrei e tutti gli israeliani che vorrebbero uno stato democratico ed egualitario, precisamente nello spirito della rivoluzione francese, sono antisemiti. E lo stesso vale per chiunque consideri il sionismo un movimento colonialista, come se non fosse una posizione legittima. Tutti antisemiti."

Due to lots of questions recently, I'd like to clarify some of our philosophies regarding instance blocking:

In our CoC/ToS, we state that we may block instances that don't abide by a CoC/ToS similar to our own (and we have always been clear about what is acceptable behaviour for •ART).

This includes instances that don't moderate their users for harmful ideologies under the banner of "free speech".


#Housekeeping #MastoAdmin

Niente, il mio avatar è cambiato. Non potevo più sopportare nemmeno un lieve accenno a PaP. Lo cambierò di sicuro a più riprese, tanto per confondere.

if you were to use the internet to illegally download books how would you do it

One of the big camera pics from the hike today!


Nikon D7000, Tamron f18-400, processed in Darktable.

Didn't realize that Discourse is considering adding ActivityPub support.

I think that ActivityPub starts to get really interesting when non-social networking style apps start to share data on it.

Nearly as many Americans pay a tax to Jeff Bezos in the form of Amazon Prime membership each year as pay federal income taxes.


If you admin a Mastodon \ Pleroma \ Misskey \ Peertube \ Funkwhale \ whatever, chances are, you are using Nginx as your main web-server.

Currently, it is free and open-source.

If Rambler is to claim Nginx as their product, there's no telling what might happen to it's legal status as free software, and, as a consequence, no telling if using it "for free" will be a viable option any longer.

so I heard the sysop of some BBS discovered TCP/IP today?

After years of solo development both my hobby open source projects are getting pull requests and bug reports from real users. It's a situation I'm not entirely ready to handle, I'm proud but it also gives me anxiety.

overall i think they're wrong about the target audience of their new project. people who are on fediverse are afaik mostly here for:
- nice community
- good rules & moderation
- privacy concerns, independence from big tech
- true federation
- chronologic timeline

twitter is going to provide none of these

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