States are banning the attendance of religious service globally and the catholic church remains silent. No protests against this unparalleled attack on the freedom of faith, no lawsuit, ... nothing. How is this even possible?

Next week will be the first time in history, Easter celebrations will be cancelled almost everywhere. Don't blame the virus.

@stefan Many bishops closed their own churches long before there were any government orders.

@stefan I really don't think it's any kind of attack on the faith! Wow.
It's merely prudent. My own bishop ordered the end to all public masses about two weeks and simultaneously supplied a dispensation from our obligation.
Additionally, weeks before the government restricted gatherings to a number, the bishop had cancelled Sunday masses for a month already (also with the dispensation), but left weekday masses and rosaries (fewer parishioners).
@papa wut? Et tu? Certainly will blame the virus!

@gemlog @stefan My boost of Stefan's toot was intended to indicate "something to think about" rather than complete agreement with the opinion. I understand and accept the Prudential aspects of reducing the spread of the coronavirus. I also understand that as a spiritual essence, the grace of the sacrament does not diminish with time, distance, or amount consumed like physical resources. ... (1)

@gemlog @stefan ... However, I worry that simply cancelling Masses for a while diocese, not reducing Masses, not imposing social distracting rules for participants, not allowing attendance but suspending distribution of the Sacrament, sends the message that participation in the Mass is one of the "non-essential" activities with less importance than running a liquor store, ... (2)

@gemlog @stefan ... or that preserving physical health and extending earthly life should be a Catholic's top priority. (3 end)

@gemlog @stefan Sorry for the delay between posts. On the move today.

@gemlog @papa The lockdown of whole countries isn't prudent at all - it's driven by irrational fear. Actions taken are NOT based on evidence but biased data. There are signs that SarsCoV2 is just as or less dangerous than the yearly flu. Did we lockdown everything last year at flu season? You can't cheat nature - if we stop the spread of Corona now, we prevent herd immunity and will probably experience a second wave in autumn. Then what? Impose the lockdown over and over again? Is this prudent?

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