Hi @CobaltVelvet, I just realised that RCSocial has been blocked/suspended. I'm in contact with some nice people from this instance and I cannot interact with them anymore. May I ask, what was the reason you blocked this instance?

Just tried . It tastes like with Bubble Gum flavour. Not exactly terrible, but not tasty either. I will stick with .

My daughter put Marshmallow man on a horse for a Saturday afternoon ride. 🐎😄

Software frameworks produce stupid . In the 90s many developers may have produced awful spaghetti code, but they were able to find original solutions. Today most so called engineers solely rely on concepts others have bundled into a framework for them. What once was a craft becomes colour by numbers coding.

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So, some people still believe that banning Gab from fedi somehow helps with fighting fascism. You (I assume very young) people should consider:

1. Not listening to someone doesn't mean that they magically disappear from planet Earth
2. Not being able to see your opponent means you're robbing yourself of the ability to understand them, and thus defend against them (or even understand where they're coming from and address their concerns in civil argument)

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German computer geeks and civil rights activists went all the way from Freiheit statt Angst to Angst statt Freiheit. Congrats on your complete reversal of opinion.

Authoritarians only have to find the right trigger for fear. And there's a trigger for almost everyone.

Just deployed my first project. Getting Ballerina up an running on was tricky:
- yum install... not in repertory
- brew install... failed
- compile from source... build failed
Finally I extracted the the executables from the Debian/.deb-File downloaded from the project Page.

Most articles on the downsides of read like this: "We messed things up, so you should stick to monolith"

Software development is increasingly getting less craft and skill, but more and more frameworks and tools.

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Btw, Microsoft reported selling 100 million copies of DOS in 1993. Try to remember this every time anyone says that Commodore 64 was the most sold computer of its lifetime. Single configuration computer for the same manufacturer, sure. But PC clones eclipsed EVERYTHING, and by a *very* large margin.

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Why am I using #darcs for #hikari development and not #git? I made a short video that explains my workflow. hikari.acmelabs.space/videos/h

routine: getting up at noon; leaving the house at dusk for the first time of the day; watching movies until early in the morning; repeat.

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my biggest criticism about the original Star Wars is that they called it a "Death Star". any evil imperialist organization worth its salt would hire a consulting firm to come up with something like "Liberation Sphere"

Guilty confession: I always put only one maraschino cherry into my .

Saturday night dish: Christmas biscuits and Manhattans.

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Mary and Eve – by Sr. Grace Remington, OCSO

My mother, my daughter, life-giving, Eve, Do not be ashamed, do not grieve. former things have passed away,
Our God has brought us to a New Day.
See, I am with Child,
Through whom all will be reconciled.
O Eve! My sister, my friend,
We will rejoice together
Life without end.

May you share in the Christmas Joy Of the angels and saints!

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