The anecdotes in "The Date Night Manifesto" start to get increasingly annoying. I think about skipping them to get through the book faster.

I'm reading Sophia Ledingham's "The Night Manifesto". While the basic idea of the 16 principles for committed couple's is cleverly worked out, I start to get bored of all the anecdotes. This at least twice as long as necessary.

In other words: working on weaknesses (the short poles) serves in achieving mediocrity, not greatness.

"The crown of a tent only gets closer to heaven when you lengthen the tallest pole."
-- Asian

ProtonCalendar will be in beta soon. Our secure and encrypted calendar will help you stay organized while protecting your data. This post explains exactly how we encrypt your data to ensure it stays safe:

"In general, it feels like hacking is today dogmatic instead of pragmatic... Whatever the causes, we have software and hardware systems that strive to be entirely open, yet time and again, [it's the] closed ones that are more accessible in practice, that drive social revolutions."

(h/t someone on here sorry!)

"Yes, much of the internet is and should be commercial — but it is important that significant parts of the internet also remain dedicated to the public interest. The current dot org ecosystem is clearly one of these parts" - Mark Surman, executive director of the Mozilla Foundation, on the sale of #DotOrg: #SaveDotOrg

Religious freedom, especially Christian freedom to live and EVEN THINK like Christians is increasingly under attack. Previous generations (say, only 50 years ago) in the western world would simply not believe that it could ever get like this. Yet here we are. The religion of secular wokeness seeks to crush our hateful, bigoted Christian beliefs and make us conform to their utterly false, rigid, intolerant theology.

Fortunately, the US at least lags a little behind other western countries. The story of Harry Miller (a former UK police officer) will be our story if we allow it.

friend just reminded me that if you've only ever seen the Neverending Story film you're missing out on a bunch of important stuff

not only does the film leave out a few major scenes from the book, it basically ends at the halfway point

also the book, at least until the late 90s, was a super interesting print thing with rad as hell illustrations for every chapter and two-colour text to distinguish events in Phantasia and in our world (even in the older English editions!)

Protests against the imprisonment of the Catalan political leaders continue. There are Marches for Freedom and a General Strike across the whole of Catalonia.

These peaceful demonstrations are growing in spite of (and perhaps because of) intimidation and beatings by the Guardia Civil, Spain's paramilitary police.

#Catalunya #Llibertat #Catalonia #Spain

My office ThinkPad's trackpad doesn't work nearly as smoothly as my MacBook's counterpart. I needed to connect an USB mouse to the laptop first time in ages.

My 2004 Avensis is back from service. I assumed it to be a complete wreck, but now it's running better than ever. The mechanic replaced the valve flaps, catalyst, lambda sensor and conducted an engine cleanse. Nice side effect: by replacing the catalyst, the car has got more horsepower than before.

"A truly profound atheist is someone who has taken the trouble to understand, in its most sophisticated forms, the belief he or she rejects, and to understand the consequences of that rejection. Among the New Atheists, there is no one of whom this can be said, and the movement as a whole has yet to produce a single book or essay that is anything more than an insipidly doctrinaire and appallingly ignorant diatribe."

David Bentley Hart

According to the European Outdoor Group the craze is over. Young people are so tied to their smartphones, that the idea of going to nature for a week or two without electric socket and cellular connection is unappealing.

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