Shipping a pair of shoes from China to Europe: free.

Going by Bus from city centre to suburbs: 3,80 €.

I often think about the era of women programmers, from the 1940s to the 70s, even years after reading these stories. I especially liked the first story, drawing from a 1967 Cosmo.

‘James Adams, the director of education for the Association for Computing Machinery…: “I don’t know of any other field, outside of teaching, where there’s as much opportunity for a woman.”’

- (Ensmenger's slides)

Me wearing tunic, chain armour and helmet of a roman legionary. The shield is franconian, actually. Photo made at Römerwelt Rheinbrohl.

Check out photos of the Space Launch System’s towering mobile launch platform arriving at pad 39B Friday at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, beginning a week of fit checks:

"Operating Systems - Three Easy Pieces" is pretty professionally written, but every now & then it sure knows how to fire shots!
🔥 🔥 🔥

Was mir hier bis jetzt wirklich außerordentlich gefällt, bis jetzt ist mir noch in keinem Post die Bild über den Weg gelaufen 👏

someone posted a photo of John Carmack as a child when he used to help teach programming at his school

i can't tell if "Jondi" was an accidental corruption of "John D" or if he actually used to go by that at some point but either way it's kinda cute

Guide to software development job advertisement

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