"A common misconception when thinking of “Emacs as an OS” is to assume that Emacs special modes are re-inventing the wheel. They are not (for most of them), Emacs and its modes focus on the user interface side of things. The backends are almost always separate programs. This is precisely where the Unix philosophy still stands strong. Using Emacs as an interface for everything is merely equivalent to using GTK-only applications. (Only much better, obviously.) "



According to the german history magazine "G-Geschichte" (5/19), the renaissance painter never constructed any of his thought up machines. Most constructions tracing back to da Vinci were build on command of Benito as fascist propaganda during the 20th century. Italian fascists wanted da Vinci to be seen as the engineer mastermind he never was. With this they succeed until today.

Why do Millennials support #Socialism? Here is a writer who thinks the key is the reaction on both the left and the right to the Great Recession.

It's , but I don't feel like drinking a Mint Julep.

Just received my copy of Klaus Paier & Asja Valcic's Album "Timeless Suite". The duo plays the rare combination of accordion (Paier) and cello (Valcic). The result is a melange of jazz, classical and world music.

(Btw. they play in Jazzclub tonight! 🎼)


Keybase is a free, open source, very secure service for identity proof, cloud storage (250GB free), and chat. Very impressive.

Security techies will especially like its solid design. Also for techies -- it even provides secure git repos.


Twenty years ago, at April 25th 1999, the fabulous Kemistry passed away. I had the opportunity to see her live with DJ Storm, just seven weeks before at Karlstorbahnhof Heidelberg.


Holy shit, they even arrested Ola Bini in Quito. #Assange

Today my plates for the soft gaze arrived. It's a relatively unknown meditation technique practiced by the french people. You look at double images united to one single image cross-eyed. By calming the eyes, you are able to stop the roundabout of thoughts in your head.

WYSISTWYG = What you see is similar to whatever you get

Current lead title in WirtschaftsWoche: "Save the capitalism!" - China's communists, Trump's protectionism and US internet giants push ahead market economy's downfall.

Compiling from source all day and finally getting this monstrosity running. At least I've got up to date while building Firefox.

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