*imperceptibly vibrating up and down in my chair* Ultykill

when I talk about the artistic value of trash I don't mean megastudio funded conveyor belt trash, I mean the cheap trash made by 4 people who just thought that making Clown Chainsaw Party 3 sounded like a fun time but also maybe they could get a little Gender with it

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NOPE spoiler talk 

One of the nice things about Nope is its a terrifying movie but in a way that plays very nicely with my specific mental illnesses. Every time I get through any spooky media, later on whenever I gotta leave the room at night part of my brain is always going "but what if the fucked up guy from that thing we just watched is At The Fridge" but Jean Jacket's entire thing is it's both 50 feet wide and also Waaaaaay The Fuck Over There, so it cannot be At The Fridge no matter how scary it is.

Had a dream where I went into a crepe place and asked them "hey ill but something when I come out but can I use your bathroom" and then used their bathroom and woke up before I could buy anything. You cannot hope to comprehend my devious devilish schemes.

Beatrice the 19th person, hidden somewhere on Rokkenjima Island. The one they call the Golden Witch. Watch out for her

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And don't forget to wash your fox, those things gets dirty really quick so make sure to schedule regular washing!

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Hopefully the last begpost in a while, but bills & debt are piling up and I'm just not coping. I also need to buy food etc.

£500 would cover me until my payrise kicks in, or £300 would cover the next month. I hate having to do this but I have no other choice.

Please boost etc if you can 💖


reading all those tweets from like the end of june about how great and fantastic and revolutionary cohost dot org is sure hits different when it's been a month and a half and your place in the queue to be able to post is still in the four digits

NOPE spoiler talk 

I like how the very first post I see about Nope after I finally watch it is one of my kink artist friends drawing fucking big booba big tummy art of Jean Jacket

ok I know "ha! I'd like to see ol' donny wriggle out of THIS jam!" is an old ass joke at this point but genuinely how the fuck can he get out of this one

chainsaw man spoiler talk 

funniest fuckin thing I found out about CSM after I finished the first part is that Fujimoto at one point supposedly couldn't decide whether to kill off Angel Devil or Kobeni, and only made a decision when his editor told him to keep Angel alive, so he did the opposite :v

*Danil Dankovsky voice*

"So, let me get this straight. I'm somewhere that's not what I would call civilization, I'm seeing FREAKING PLAGUE CLOUDS, and, oh yeah! I'm talking to a WORM! Ok, yeah, that is something I do now! I do healing, kill jacked-up muggers, I'll probably go to the polyhedron next"

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i think even though there were jojo memes in the 2000s i really think a full adaptation of jojo would have not done as well as it has in the 90s or 2000s the Random Japan Moment XD era had to end for jojo to thrive

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jojo getting an extremely popular adaptation in the late 2010s and beyond is genius because it introduced millions of guys who only listened to anime osts to dadrock and homoeroticism

I didn't realise just how far along I actually was in my transition until I actually had a GIC appointment and the doctor asked me where I wanted to go with my transition and I had to suppress my first instinct to say "I mean, I kinda feel like I've done it already"

ok chainsaw man you genuinely got me i wholeheartedly believed this was a girl until you started having ppl use he/him pronouns for him like 4-5 chapters after he first showed up

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I can find no better description about the Democrats than this single sentence right here.

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