Okay I think I'm actually gonna migrate to awoo.space/@starkatt
No shade to the folks here, but the weird people density seems a lot higher there and that's really important to me.

No, seriously, let's for once TRY to be better on here in general about the lack of sourcing going on with a lot of image posts. y'all have access to GIS and other tools. If you can find the source on an image you're posting that isn't yours, give credit where due, please. It makes a load of difference for artists like myself who need publicity like that to be able to keep making art. (and, y'know, paying bills and staying ALIVE)

So let me be clear: capitalism is a system whose entire goal is to concentrate wealth at the top, exploit workers, maintain social stratification and poverty, and unsustainably plunder the planet. It has no place in an equitable world.

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I'm surprised that an instance that pitched itself the way octodon.social does seems to have people heavily attached to the idea of capitalism. That's not what I expected here.

Ugh, followbots. I was hoping Mastodon would somehow avoid those... at least there's the block button.

Raise yer hand if you learned the word/concept "shibboleth" from The West Wing?

Question for Octodon: How many here read the "about" page for this instance before choosing it?

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mastodon teeth have little knobs that help grind up plant matter. Paleontologists thought they looked like nipples. Hence, "boob tooth".

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Science Fact: "mastodon" is from the latin, "boob tooth".


Here on Mastodon we have: Furries, Socialists, Lesbians, Witches, Warlocks, programmers, and French people. WHAT DO YOU HAVE TWITTER? NOTHING. NOOOOTHING

IRC was (is?) the last truly great distributed platform. I'm hoping Mastodon can achieve what it did.

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