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We are Stars, a median system of several members who have schizophrenia and several other heavy mental disabilities.

We have been badly abused by people for being "toxic" to the point of barely being able to survive, so if you participate in that kind of culture than please turn around and leave now.

However if you are loving, understanding and forgiving then you are more than welcome here, just beware that our spoons are limited and sometimes it shows.

Please be gentle, we are trying.

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If you truly love someone
Never turn your back on them
No matter how much they have hurt you
Keep the candle burning
Life is long, and many things change
One day they might too

Being strong is about protecting the light inside of yourself, not just the anger, sadness and pain.

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🧡 Thank you for being here, it is those who have stayed with us through all the fire and fury, who gave us the strength to keep going.

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💚 We are still so weak and have so far to go, we must work harder to become stronger and shed ourself of these doubts and limitations.

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Boundaries can help you carve space in your life for self care. They're important.

Sometimes taking care of the hard things is self care. Get them done and you'll free yourself of that stress.

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the light's always on, when you're ready to come home.

💙 i'm trying to be a bit less anna and a bit more luna ? though we merged together a long time ago, i feel like i've lost something along the way.

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this is literally our brain not being able to fill in the gap, so i'm not sure what i'm even trying to say or do here.

but maybe i'll figure it out.

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💙 trying to be [err: string not found] on main.

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its been many years now
you probably don't even think about us anymore
but every day you still inspire us to wake up
and face a world that doesn't want us
because one time you wanted us
and that was the only time we were wanted
alot of things happened, but life goes on
and because of you, so do we

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Such a valid kitty.

💖 Its true that "despite everything, you're still you", but at this point we don't know what that means exactly.

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💖 Although its mostly Allie and Karie fronting these days, Sadie (who is formed from fragments of Kady, Foxy and Sara at this point) is still our host.

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