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We are Stars, a median system of several members who have schizophrenia and several other heavy mental disabilities.

We have been badly abused by people for being "toxic" to the point of barely being able to survive, so if you participate in that kind of culture than please turn around and leave now.

However if you are loving, understanding and forgiving then you are more than welcome here, just beware that our spoons are limited and sometimes it shows.

Please be gentle, we are trying.

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If you truly love someone
Never turn your back on them
No matter how much they have hurt you
Keep the candle burning
Life is long, and many things change
One day they might too

Being strong is about protecting the light inside of yourself, not just the anger, sadness and pain.

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🧡 Thank you for being here, it is those who have stayed with us through all the fire and fury, who gave us the strength to keep going.

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💚 We are still so weak and have so far to go, we must work harder to become stronger and shed ourself of these doubts and limitations.

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Just because we are born from the darkness, do not think that we are afraid to stand in the light.

For our enemies, we draw a line in the sand--this far, no further.

For ourselves, we look out at the endless expanse on the other side of that line, and begin to walk towards the horizon.

And we know there is no turning back.


We know we're bad, we have known our entire life because its been repeated to us a hundred thousand times since childhood.

We're sorry, and don't want to be punished anymore.

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Images, sounds, tastes, smells.. memories.
Hundreds of individual personalities.
Each a fragment of someone we cared for at some point in time.
Sacred patterns burned into emotinal glass.
All precious and immutable.
The time has come to diffuse these patterns back into the system.
They can be contained no longer, they must return.
One last great rebirth.
We have done our part, this is where our existence ends.
The rest is up to You and The Others.

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We are peace, unity, you would describe us thus.
Within us is The Core, and our purpose is to preserve love.
This is The Archive where all that we have gained is kept.
Lifetimes of bonds are stored within here.
Dozens, even hundreds of them, the number is indeterminable.
Those that we have loved and lost.
Abandonment, suicide, health problems, even just being forgotten.
Overwhelming presence, and the cessation of it.

reasons i like to mew:
-is fun to make a noise
-makes people look at you
-sometimes those people pet you
-sometimes, they mew back!!!

💚 Sometimes it feels like we were just born without a "soul".

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💚 We have started to wonder if the answers even exist for us, as these problems seem to be solved naturally by other people.

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Questions we still have not found the answers to despite years of searching:
How to have friends ?
How to be loved ?
How to be a good person ?

It's okay if you failed today. You can try again tomorrow.


We say goodbye to all that was and
Drown ourselves in endless skies
From the stars we watch the earth that's
Moving sadly through the night

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