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We are Stars, a median system of several members who have schizophrenia and several other heavy mental disabilities.

We have been badly abused by people for being "toxic" to the point of barely being able to survive, so if you participate in that kind of culture than please turn around and leave now.

However if you are loving, understanding and forgiving then you are more than welcome here, just beware that our spoons are limited and sometimes it shows.

Please be gentle, we are trying.

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If you truly love someone
Never turn your back on them
No matter how much they have hurt you
Keep the candle burning
Life is long, and many things change
One day they might too

Being strong is about protecting the light inside of yourself, not just the anger, sadness and pain.

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🧡 Thank you for being here, it is those who have stayed with us through all the fire and fury, who gave us the strength to keep going.

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💚 We are still so weak and have so far to go, we must work harder to become stronger and shed ourself of these doubts and limitations.

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💖 Its true that "despite everything, you're still you", but at this point we don't know what that means exactly.

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💖 Although its mostly Allie and Karie fronting these days, Sadie (who is formed from fragments of Kady, Foxy and Sara at this point) is still our host.

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💖 Although it took maybe half an hour for someone to call us Sardines.

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💖 For the first time in about 15 years, we won't be using Katie/Kadie or any variant of it anymore.

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💖 After a long time I think we've settled on Sadine as the name of our host following Kaden's departure.

💙 life's full of many challenges, but caring about people shouldn't be one of them.

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💙 of course there's a risk it can go badly, but most of the time the only thing that keeps people apart is their own anxieties over how to resolve the conflict, especially if they feel embarrassed or even ashamed about it existing in the first place.

💙 if you're at odds with someone in your life who you still honestly care about then for goodness sake please reconcile; people don't have to be driven apart forever over conflicts, especially minor ones.

is it gay to pamper? You're pretty much just treating with excessive care, attention or indulgence. 😳😳

that thread about DARVO 

I said earlier that I'd talk about this, so.

It's important to know what DARVO is and how it's used as a tool to bully people into silence/complicity in bad behavior.

DARVO is an acronym. It stands for:

Reverse Victim and Offender.

It is a technique that is used by abusive people to cover up their abuse.

It is incredibly common. Knowing how to spot it is key.

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