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I'm referring to things like the "Linux subsystem" for Windows - making a closed platform more palatable by adding some open to it, but in the process just entrenching the grip of closed on people. The better approach is to adopt Linux and then, if you absolutely must run nasty old Windows-only software (ask yourself why it's "Windows-only" and whether that's the *real* problem) do it with an emulation layer (WINE) or a VM (use virtualbox).

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Mu cat came inside 5 years ago, the survivors of a feral cat colony. She’s terribly sweet, her nickname is Kitty Biscuits cuz she nom nom

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Also hi. I've been away. Here's pictures of my goofball cat.

man pages never answer the most important question: have the people responsible been prosecuted

Any pretense of reducing the role of state in capitalism is a lie. It is impossible to smash the state without, as an immediate consequence, smashing capitalism along with it.
-- Kevin Carson

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100 companies are responsible for over 70% of global greenhouse emissions since the 80s and the US military burns is the single largest consumer of oil, but sure. Personal choices.

Walk or bike to work once a week, wash your clothes in cold water, take fewer international flights, go vegan, kill your first born. These are easily accessible solutions for everyone that are sure to make a significant difference if not solve the problem outright.

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Note: I have voted for Jack Layton's party. I liked Jack Layton.

But I think politicians should be kept humble, and spraying them with water guns when they don't expect it and are wearing fancy suits has got to help keep them humble.

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Forbes: "Millennials aren't having kids, and this is a problem for baby boomers' real estate and retirement"

Me: [looks at state of the world]

Me: "..."

Me: "Fuckin' serves you right."

»And the next time you're at a job interview where you need to demonstrate your skills by sharing your screen, establish your dominance early. Use ed.«

My deck from the came in today and I'm so happy!! Everything is so pretty 😭 ❤❤

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