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Starting point: Heinlein is one of the 3 grand masters of science fiction (Asimov & Clarke are the others). He had the perfect "Vegas" birthday, born 3 days after Independence Day, 1907, 7-7-7. He was first published in 1939. While he had as strong of a science background as Asimov & Clarke, Heinlein was the first SF writer to make the stories less about the rayguns & rocketships and more about the people. He has won the Hugo Award for Best Novel four times.

Claws-mail's config files are stored in ~/.claws-mail, in various INI-style [item]rc files. The most important of those are clawsrc and accountrc. If you use its addressbook that's in XML files in ~/.claws-mail/addrbook.

How simple that would be to put into version control and whether or not it would be worth the effort is entirely up to you.

Ah, I've long wanted to see the Jargon file without seeing ESR's "additions", and here it is:

I hate shopping. I especially hate shopping for formal trousers which, apparently, are only made for people who 100% match the skinny hipster body type, with thigh circumference matching that of the wrist of a 10yo...

Wait a second. The dictd-dictionaries port for FreeBSD lists the major databases in the Makefile:


And I can pull them from Sweet!

word of the day: bronolith

refers to the vast combined social forces working towards bro maintenance (status quo warriors), bro ultimate rule (everything past "ugh we don't need more progress" SQW bullshit), and bro fauxtreach ("omg where are the COOL PPL not these whiners looking to be OUTRAGED all the time", encourages women to "be cool", finds any reason to shit on advocates of progress unless they meet some impossibly high standard (tho the shitbro advocates THEIR shit constantly))

It sucks that is down. I wanted to pull down all the so that I could set up local dictd instances on my computers.

I guess the only way to get the dictionaries is to extract them from debian/ubuntu archives. Dammit.

I really should give imapfilter, offlineimap, msmtp, and neomutt a try. Claws Mail is OK, but still graphical and its configuration probably isn't easily version-controlled.

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@starbreaker And I have "Working with MediaWiki" by Yaron Koren that I'm reading in fifteen-minute chunks, just to familiarize myself.

This blog hasn't been updated since 2015, and it's Linux-oriented, but INCONSOLATION is a good starting point for anybody looking to use command-line apps instead of GUIs on Unix-like systems because they want to party like it's 1989.

I got that, but I personally needed something else to really be interested in this story stub. Like I said, it looked too good to be true, even without exposition. It still is the case with the additional details you provided me.
Subsidiary question: how is this organization financed? Again, compared to the current zeitgeist, you have on one hand grassroots organizations dedicated to good with no funds to speak of, and on the other hand you have harmful organizations being bankrolled by wealthy like-minded people.

How do you jump to the kind of organization you are describing in your text?

Please stop me at any point if my criticism seems too jaded.

Coworker: I'm tired of being micromanaged.
Me: Let's unionize.
Coworker: I'm tired of working 50 hours a week and being on-call every weekend.
Me: Let's unionize.
Coworker: Our managers are doing some really shady things.
Me: Let's unionize.
Coworker: Why doesn't anybody keep the remote team in the loop?
Me: Let's unionize.
Coworker: Talking to HR isn't fixing anything.
Me: Let's unionize.
Coworker: But I'm scared of getting fired without cause.
Me: Then... Let's unionize.


Got it. To me, this detail makes it even more crucial to have a dissenting voice inside this supposedly "good" organization, because a lot of harm is done in the name of good, and torture is up top. It doesn't have to be the top brass, maybe just a middle manager or a "security guy" who doesn't care about the organization's motives and goals.
Alright, after re-reading everything, I found what's nagging me. This story is too good to be true. It is true that torture gives negative results, but it clearly isn't the current paradigm this text is written in. I felt like this departure from it should somehow be outlined in this kind of story, for example by adding another character who would be for torture. Naomi would have to push back against him (probably a "him") and eventually prevail with an uncommon policy, making a point against the prevailing opinion.

This isn't absolute literary criticism, merely a reflection of what I'd rather read.

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