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Matthew Lövelace

A Nasa probe that explored Jupiter’s moon Europa flew through a giant plume of water vapour that erupted from the icy surface and reached a hundred miles high, according to a fresh analysis of the spacecraft’s data.

This is Josefine Malmgren and her kitty emulator Zero from my current /#fantasy project, SHATTERED GUARDIAN.

@Cakechoz accepted my commission and did the artwork. I love the expression on Josefine's face and the way Zero is tangled in the cable.

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I haven't seen MARSHALL yet, but the score/soundtrack album by Marcus Miller is damn good.

The standout track is "Let America Be America Again".

Langston Hughes is still telling the truth.

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It's kinda late for , but I just finished setting up my new display and I have screenshots. So it's time for some . :blobcat:

tmux config comes from

GTK theme is OneStepBack.

Yes, I know I should use Window Maker for the full NeXTSTEP on experience but cwm is the best window manager ever made.

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a new scene in Shattered Guardian. Naomi has just learned that somebody she loved and thought dead is in fact alive.

Now I'm cutting to twenty-four-hours ago and showing the immediate aftermath of his post-resurrection awakening.

Restoring the dead to life is easier when you can restore from backup, but unlike this resurrection tech isn't universally available.

BTW: I'm using the joe editor inside Cool Retro Term ( on . :)

How much are those kitties in the window?

PS: is a brutal action-RPG with crunchy Lovecraftian goodness and a female POC as its protagonist.

Unfortunately, Eshe doesn't get to actually say anything. There are situations where she ought to be able to say, "Oh, shit."

Like this...

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Free to a good home. Neutered, has current shots, needs pampering. Answers to "Smudge", "Butt Stallion", and "Pretty Princess" depending on mood.

It's again.

I'm doing some old school with the OneStepBack GTK theme, and I've got my terminal, conky, and cwm styled to match.

And I just lost my first game of HyperRogue on OpenBSD.


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Oh, my sweet Satan, this cover for the new single is so fucking cute.