a metalhead who writes scifi

@ayachan @KyokiKafuka Without the pic on the left, the pic on the right would have fooled me.

@starbreaker @KyokiKafuka That’s the point: HRT transition can give transgirls what they want and need. ^_^

@starbreaker @KyokiKafuka @ayachan the term “fooled” here seems really problematic. It’s not fooling anyone for a trans person to be seen authentically. This kind of language, even if used without ill intent, is what leads to trans misogynistic violence and reinforces trans exclusionary notions that trans folks genders are less real.

@cercerilla @KyokiKafuka @starbreaker I'm in full agreement here. We should be cautious of our language and careful about how we speak about people. We should be affirming and validating at all times.

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