I think we could provide everybody a sustainable and decent standard of living, but not without changes.

1. We need a more reasonable definition of "decent standard of living" that doesn't emphasize electronic devices and entertainment.

2. Planned obsolescence must end.

3. Consumer products should be designed for durability and ease of repair.

4. We must end reliance on automobiles without depriving people of mobility.

5. Kill the food industry.

@starbreaker I agree, except I think a shift from a "standard of living" concept centered on ownership of lots of big, heavy STUFF to one centered on access to unlimited digital information and high-speed connectivity is a step in the right direction. It just needs to stop being corporate dominated and proprietary.

@starbreaker Yep. But:

1) Electronic devices are generally good as long as…

2) they're not replaced too often. Having an iPhone isn't a problem, getting a new iPhone every year is.

3) Yes, durability and ease of repair. Also upgrade where it makes sense without throwing away the still perfectly functional bits.

4) Yes. But also less motion would be good. Everything from shorter commutes to vastly less air travel. Buses and trains are only less-bad than cars and planes.

@edavies @starbreaker Givng you a cool new electronic gadget every year is easier than giving you real economic security or developing the technology for real sustainablity.
It kind of sucks that capitalism will end the human race.

@veryonline @edavies It can't be that hard for us.

And WTF happened to doing hard things because they are hard?

@starbreaker @edavies The US is no longer capable of sending astronauts to the moon.

@veryonline @edavies We're not capable of killing corporations that have forgotten their place, either, it seems.

@edavies @starbreaker Food: as far as sustainability, Local+organic > local > organic, not local. Basically, the energy spent transporting organic avocados from Chile more than offsets the gains of growing them organically, so local is better for the environment. Plus I’d imagine they won’t rot in the produce drawer at home so quickly.

Electronic devices: yes! I’m on my 2nd IPhone in 8 years. Good for 2 more at least. Learning to lose my tech lust.

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