The SHOPO is furious over the reassignment of its president to Waikiki midnight patrol, effectively demoting him.

This person, Tenari Ma’afala, is a social conservative and member of the New Hope Christian Fellowship. He also said (in the words of @KyokiKafuka ) he wished to "be killed to prevent [same sex marriage] from being put into 2013."

This man is everything wrong with toxic police culture all at once; I welcome this reassignment!

a metalhead who writes scifi

@ayachan @KyokiKafuka I'm glad this guy's reassignment makes you feel safer, but people like him have no business wearing a badge in any capacity.

@starbreaker @KyokiKafuka Tell me about it!! -_- The worst candidates are often made police officers and then put into high positions. x-x;;

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