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Even more for young :

* Loyalty is a two-way street. If you have a boss who looks out for you, don't fuck them over.
* Organize. People fought, suffered, and died for the right to form trade unions because workers are strong when we stand together than when we try to make it on our own.
* You're human, not a machine. Embrace your humanity and nurture it. Seek pleasure, love, and beauty in the physical world.
* Have a reason to leave work. Adopt a dog. A cat is fine too.

@Wolf480pl I'm not sure how much of the stuff about overtime applies, and I've only ever worked in the US. :)

@starbreaker well, a friend of mine works part-time as a software developer, and he often gets carried away while coding and forgets to go home. When he finally gets home it's like 21:00.

@Wolf480pl That's fine, but if you get into a groove and code for 12 hours straight, you should find a way to compensate so that you don't work more than 35-40 hours a week.

@Wolf480pl @starbreaker I worked at a large IT corporation in Poland and got decently far up in the management chain.

There is an overtime culture. They will try to push you into it even though half of management will think you are doing overtime because you didn't do your job. (so you're working against yourself doing it).

The most valued people contrary to popular belief were those who got their job done in 8h and were not afraid to say no for unpaid overtime.

@starbreaker I'd say most of your advice applies to U.S. workers in general, not just developers.

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