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Matthew Graybosch @starbreaker

Here's some for young :

* Prefer hourly jobs over salaried positions.
* When getting paid hourly, insist on time and a half for overtime. If you work more than 40 hours a week, you should be paid extra. If your boss refuses, immediately leave/disconnect and do not return until the following Monday.
* Nobody is doing you a favor by hiring you. They are buying your time and effort and trying to pay you as little as possible. Don't let them fool or gaslight you.

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@starbreaker This applies to most positions, really. Rare are the jobs where fixed compensation is acceptable.

@JohnWSheldon @starbreaker I work salaried but have been very firm on "full time means 40 hrs/wk average". If they want me to work overtime one week, I'm working less later.

@starbreaker I only differ on the salary v hourly part, a little, and it's subject to personal preference :)

I like having a flex schedule, but not worrying about not making enough for bills this month.

But, personal preference and all.

@starbreaker Salaries certainly weren't invented by employees. Employers should pay for what they get.

@starbreaker @NerdResa That is why salaried positions are better. It is harder for an employer to play tricks.