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Theming my using the base16 grayscale dark color set. Using as my window mangler, the suckless terminal (st), conky for diagnostics, and showing the quodlibet player.

octodon.social/media/MWUhyeYNk octodon.social/media/A6dqUDWVN

Curious, as a lapsed BSD user, why cwm ? The pics look cool.

Waiting on my 430 to ship, so I can start playing again.

@wiccat Why ? It's pretty simple. I wanted a minimal floating window mangler that responded well to keyboard controls, and it comes with 's X11 package along with and , so I decided to give it a go. Its groups feature is surprisingly powerful, you can automatically group windows by class, you can use them like virtual desktops by showing one group at a time, and you can display two or more groups simultaneously.

There's a Linux port, too.

Ah. I'm a long-time xfce user for similar reasons. Sounds like a winner to me.

@wiccat I have XFCE installed for my wife in case her MacBook starts acting up.

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