Mastodon is a platform I'd LOVE to see succeed, but tragically, I don't have a community here.

If you're reading this and have an emotional connection to JRPGs, anime, giant robots, or something like that...don't be afraid to reach out! 💖

a metalhead who writes scifi


Are you kidding me? I grew up on JRPGs. Final Fantasy IV blew my mind as a kid, I still have my copies of and and I've spent my whole adult life writing stories and novels that are basically heavy metal + anime + JRPG meta-fanfic.

@starbreaker It might be dramatic of me to say FF4 was "life-changing," but I distinctly remember playing that game and knowing I was hooked on the genre for life. Though if I'm completely honest, 6 is probably the one that really locked me in.

Your stories sounds awesome too - I'm looking forward to seeing your work!

@jackleveledup The reason FFIV grabbed me was that Cecil Harvey possessed a certain complexity that TBH is lacking in most JRPG protagonists.

For those who never played, we meet Cecil Harvey as he and the army he commands flies home after committing a war crime; they attacked and pillaged a peaceful community of magicians, and Cecil has doubts about whether they were right to do so.


For having questioned his king, Cecil is stripped of his position as captain of the Red Wings and given what was meant to be a suicide mission but only serves to further stain his hands with innocent blood as he unwittingly destroys a village of summoners.

This is pretty much the first hour of a game that came out in 1991, and it features a profoundly flawed protagonist seeking atonement. It was pretty damn heavy at the time.


PS: More FFIV goodness at

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