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Matthew Graybosch @starbreaker

le penis not satisfying to most of france

Capitalist rhetoric sounds much more sinister from a dragon.

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I'm wondering if it's worth my while to build Staticman commenting ( into my Jekyll-based websites.

On one hand, not allowing comments at all means depending on antisocial media for engagement.

On the other, not allowing comments means I don't have to deal with trolls and alt-reich assholes using MY site as their soapbox.

Fear of Broken Glass by Mark David:

Merging ancient pagan magic with gritty realism, David creates a novel that lies in the liminal zone between occult thriller and bleak mystery.

More thoughts:

@filkerdave Even the ninth circle is more than they deserve. Instead of hell, they should be reincarnated as disabled, fat, black lesbian atheists. Let's see them play the game of life on "no future" mode.

@filkerdave Then I might as well say "Fuck 'em all and let God sort 'em out", right?

Wrote some fiction for the first time in over a year. It's probably crap and I might not continue from this angle, but here it is.

@filkerdave I know, but I don't consider conservatives conservative. They've been a bunch of reactionaries ever since their infestation by the Christian Right, if not ever since Republicans started jerking off to the rape scenes in Ayn Rand's novels.

Is it odd that Americans smile so much?

@filkerdave Barry Goldwater was a conservative. Paul Ryan's a goddamned fascist enabler.

@Elucidating VRML is old and busted. X3D is the new hotness. :)

@Elucidating You don't need VR to read. Plain old HTML has worked fine since around 1994.

Also, I can do HTML myself. VR assets are beyond my reach, and I'm not willing to pay somebody else to create them when they might turn out to be as worthless as 3D TV.

The "social contract" is something Jean-Jacques Rousseau made up to replace the "divine right of kings" as a justification for authority.

If the law doesn't protect you, then you have no moral obligation to obey the law.

If the law enslaves you, then you have every moral right to defy it.

@Elucidating I've already considered VR assets for my site, and rejected them. My site is for readers.

@allan Three words:

Microsoft Office automation

@starbreaker I wish I could do everything in LaTeX. There is nothing quite like formatting equations in Word to sap your will to live.