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Matthew Lövelace

I think the recording industry has done more damage to digital recordings (the loudness wars) than any sort of superiority of analog recordings.

Just watched a Youtube Video about 15" Reel to Reel recordings and I'd be very surprised if a well-mastered digital recording wouldn't trounce even a $500 15" recording.

Digital is superior to analog. Full stop.

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We do not live in a Judge Dredd comic. Our society must demand our cops stop being the Judge, Jury, and more often than not the Executioner in our communities.

You are a vampire who understands the realistic implications of supernaturally sucking someone dry of blood. Unfortunately, your human soulmate can't seem to understand the danger after reading too much vampire novels and it's straining your relationship.
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Little robot guy I forgot about and just decided to finish. Gave him a bit of a sci-fi fantasy vibe! #art #conceptart #mastoart #creativetoot #blender #blender3d #cyclesrender #mech #robot #fantasy #scifi #substancepainter #allegorithmic

Please stop making comments gray and translucent in your syntax themes

Comments should be brought to your attention, not demoted to ambient noise

Game developers push for unionization amid insecure positions, excessive overtime

“We are currently forming an anonymous and horizontal organization of people dedicated to advocating for workers' rights and the crafting of a unionized games industry,” [Game Workers Unite said.]

"If you’re not at the table you’re essentially on the menu."

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Saw a doctor this morning. She told me, "There's a reason nobody can make sense of the shit going on in your head. Your brain runs on MULTICS."

SM breakout:
-Twitter: too many weird mean strangers and electeds, depressing, bye.
-Facebook: too many weird mean family members and alex joneses, depressing, once a month for groups only, hasta.
-Mastodon: too many weird cool people, uplifting, multiple daily check ins, hi!

conceptually, node.js is coldfusion for an internet where js rather than html rules the dom... it’s an equally if not more shitty idea unless I’m missing something...

I'd love to become the next Walt Disney but I don't have a Public Domain like Walt Disney did that I can pillage for ideas.


At some point into valuing peoples existing hard-wearing often work clothes you just recreate punk aesthetic. Thats no bad thing at all punk is fucking cool, but it's also an object lesson in how a style focused on self-reliance and very hard wearing and ubiquitous working material can be distorted and co-opted over time.

@Ashrand @starbreaker a good fucking point I'll admit I neglected in my screed.

Deleted my Tumblr! Vince's digital Life purge has begun!

@jordyd @starbreaker That's kind of what I was trying to get to with my last message: Let's look at those populations that _currently_ don't value fashion and see why they don't - if it's just because they can't (i.e. capitalism sucks) or is it because there's truly a cultural motivator? I suspect we'll find for a large number it's entirely the former, so this project is trying to recreate culture that isn't even there.

I was recently what made Mastodon better than other social media sites. I said: Mainly it’s simpler to understand than Diaspora; and it’s Free Software unlike Google+ so I was able to write a chat interface, a backup tool, and I can delete my old messages. None of this is possible for me on Google+ or Facebook. And yes, 500 char limit. Yay for blog posts! 😀

@emsenn @starbreaker btw, not being critical of either of you, just adding some thoughts

@emsenn @starbreaker on the other hand, making cheap clothing fashionable may lead to gentrification and skyrocketing prices

Maybe the best thing is to stop trying to convince consumers that they should value or devalue this or that, and start convincing them that the whole capitalist system is oppressive