Seven for :

1. What do they want?
2. Why they want it?
3. How far they're willing to go to win?
4. Why they draw the line there?
5. Who do they count on?
6. Who opposes them?
7. What will they do if they win?

PS: You can use these questions for heroes, too.

Instead of a utopia, the internet gave us a surveillance state, Überification, and fascism 2.0. Be wary of utopias. Including various capitalist ones, like libertarianism and #UBI.

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she figured out i was the one turning the laser pointer on and off and now she gave up fighting the randomly moving red dot she just meows at me so i point it at her paws for easier paw-ing

such a good and smart kitty ;o;

"We got a minute and forty before the end of the world. Hang on!"


Hey everyone!

I'm a hacker and wannabe writer interested in how technology is portrayed in culture and how that affects us.

Is the current popularity of dystopias really caused by a future shock? Can we promote positive futures by changing the narrative and making technology human-centered?

Two years ago I started a project to address that with stories: . I realized I need to learn a lot about writing, and now I'm recovering from the initial burnout.

Schroedinger's Manuscript is both accepted and rejected until you get a response to your query.

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MYTH: Rasputin was shot, stabbed, poisoned, and drowned before he was successfully murdered.

TRUTH: Rasputin was lagging and all those attacks wildly missed his hitbox and did no damage.

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One nice thing about gaming (or #gameing ) on Linux is you don't have to listen to people whining about how Diablo Immortal is destroying the franchise or cancer or whatever entitled sky is falling bullshit the nerds are spreading around.

There's some grousing about Artifact, but it's not anywhere near as pathetic.

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