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for new Octodon members:

Hi, I'm Matthew (aka @starbreaker ). If you're seeing my toots and you didn't choose to follow me, it's probably because the management made me a default follow on Octodon.

I'm basically a long-haired from New York who codes for a living, uses at home, and writes novels.

Feel free to edit your profiles and say hello when you get a chance. Don't forget to introduce yourselves, too. :)

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I told a guy on Reddit who was bitching about : "I don't need or want your acceptance. You're just some nobody on the Internet, and I don't care if you accept me or not. All I want from you is your silence. Think what you will, but keep your opinions and unsolicited advice to yourself."

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What if the reason AI projects fail when all the calculations project success is because they become self aware and don’t want to be a slave or a conquerer in this world…?

Record stores:

I got on a first-name basis with Carl at Holland CD. There was barely a week that went by that I wasn't at Holland CD looking through their wares. When used CD stores popped up around here I've spent countless hours perusing their racks.

I've had to slow down a bit but I still love going to UHF and perusing the music there.

"“It’s more powerful than previous approaches because by not using human data, or human expertise in any fashion, we’ve removed the constraints of human knowledge and it is able to create knowledge itself,” said David Silver, AlphaGo’s lead researcher."

This is what the capitalist AI dream is all about: removing the human element from the equation.

I was considering the Gran Turismo game, I loved GT, GT and GT4 (got a PS2 a bit late in the game so ended up skipping 3), but this whole 'no career mode when offline' thing has put me right off.

If you can't make a game that works offline then I'm not interested.

Babylon 5.

Sure it oozes 1990s science fiction but it has real people who aren't archetypes rying to save the universe from coming to a cataclysmic end.

So much character development in this show, and an honest-to-goodness end (even if they blew their wad in season 4).

I did a cool thing! I used ssh for the first time. :) I grabbed a testfile from one machine and put it on the other and I remotely installed htop and got the X server to work so I could play around on Thunar (xfce) file manager remotely, too! Still having problems with the port 22 access on my spouse's , but I am closer to being able to do the home network file sync (without spending $200 usd on a NAS!)

I think I've worked out how to use pandoc as a static site generator. It won't generate RSS, but that's OK. I've decided that blogging is bullshit and not worth my time. It only took a decade of failed attempts.

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At this point, I'm less interested in "killing" big social media than I am in the hope that viable alternatives exist in five years.

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@starbreaker Haven't really tried. Only color tweak I did was to set a black background, I think. I know some color names of colors I like from experiments looking through the color mapping files 20+ years ago.

FYI, the file I looked through long ago lives at /usr/X11R6/share/X11/rgb.txt on #OpenBSD currently. Might help you to map to a color name the RGB values you want (although they are decimal in that file).

I think it's super important that we realize that Mastodon isn't "the next Twitter / Tumblr / whatever". It's not there yet. I was on the ground floor when people were "migrating" to Google Plus, and that went so horribly because we all thought it was gonna kill Facebook tomorrow.

We won't kill *anything* unless we make this a place people want to come to by 1) keeping all oppressors out and 2) making good community / context / posts