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Matthew Graybosch

Send me the best you've got. Send me your strongest machines.

Is this the best you've got? Is this your strongest machine?

Now with one powershot, you'll see what vengeance means.

Anyone whose read any appreciable number of Thompson's books and his letters/papers know he wasn't some libertarian capitalist:

Gonzo Socialism -

the chat software is called "discord" because it's the opposite of harmonious social interaction and proper software freedom

Finished the first book of the "The Black Company" series recetly so I wanted to draw something in that direction
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"Cory Doctorow is on Mastodon"

/me looks.

Ah. Just a high-volume Twitter cross-poster.


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Did you know: the "crime" of jaywalking was literally invented by car manufacturers in order to create anti-pedestrian sentiment and pro-automobile bias.

Similarly, car companies are the reason most cities in the US still don't have good public transportation today:

#Socialism Will Be Free, Or It Will Not Be At All!

An Intro to #LibertarianSocialism

An intro Book pamphlet buy the Black Rose Rosa Negra Anarchist Federation

I can't believe I forgot to post this absolute babe here

News flash: if your business plan is to make a billion dollars while decentralising the world, you’re interested in making a billion dollars, not decentralising the world.

A decentralised world, by its very nature, has no place for billionaires.

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Misheard: Beethoven porn sonata.

I'm pondering styles of classical French porn, English porn, etc. With piano accompanyment.

Here's a great #comic introducting #Kyriarchy as a multi-headed dragon that we must slay, with tips for how to end it (hint: #solidarity)

The oldest, active #Linux distro, Slackware, turns 25 -

> Patrick Volkerding didn't set out to create a Linux distribution. He just wanted to simplify the process of installing and configuring Softlanding Linux System. But when SLS didn't pick up his improvements, Volkerding decided to release his work as Slackware. On July 17, 1993, he announced version 1.0. A quarter century and 30-plus versions later, #Slackware is the oldest actively maintained Linux distribution.

my acknowledgement for my imminent birthday: the things that really matter to me as a human, with the exception of a couple professional interests, are not the things that can ever feed me.