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Matthew Graybosch @starbreaker

@u2764 Maybe she doesn't want to be petted?

I grounded my robot son and now he keeps saying "This Cannot Continue" what should I do?

@kingu_platypus_gidora How many of #birdsite's users are bots? How many Facebook users are bots?

Who cares, anyway?

@starbreaker It might be important to remember that gomi no sensei sounds really impressive to the usual Western listener.

And that only one of two usual meanings is.

A fusion of #lovecraft and X-Com? Well, that's going to devour my time when it becomes available.

Partially because it hits two things I enjoy so I'm doubly likely to find excuses to play a little more, and partially because I'm really not very good at the original X-Com, so I'll potentially spend yonks reloading from a past point because I made a terrible error.

@starbreaker I also am interested by this concept.

@starbreaker No saxophone, but one of the reasons I've always like Breaking Benjamin is because they were very melodic.

@starbreaker I've had the distinct displeasure of having someone ask me to behave as a thought leader (on a topic that I knew very well) for their profit. I would wholly agree.

@starbreaker I had a reminder tell me the 2 years ago today, I posted the following to birdsite-

"Go ahead, call me an SME again. I dare you."

@max There will be when I show up. They'll be killer clowns from Queens. :)

@max Says who? You? If self-certification is all it takes, then any random clown can call themselves a "thought leader".

Oh, wait. They already do over on #birdsite.

Show me a "thought leader" and I'll show you a pretentious twit in a fancy suit who thinks words like "expert" and "authority" aren't sufficiently impressive -- and probably hasn't earned the privilege of being acknowledged as such.

@max You'd better not have gotten any of it on my carpet. If you have, you'll be licking it up.

@max Just kidding. I tend to ignore "thought leaders" whenever I can.

@max Yes, and I know WHERE they are, too, because I dug their graves myself. :)


@bmallred This would be my primary machine, the one I'd use when I want to sit in my study and do some serious writing/coding/blogging.

I came here BECAUSE there are furries, and Trans people, and anime fans. And all sorts of people I don't normally interact with at all!

I came here to listen, to learn, and to participate.

I didn't come here to be a dick on purpose. I hate it when I am a dick on accident.

So, Yeah, sorry I was an unintentional dick.

Hey. I'm Chris. I do Math and computer stuff, I have twins, I write sometimes. I love reading.