i'm having some weird kidney pain, let's hope it's nothing

it's getting better but it's still here and it seems too localized to me for it to be some random stuff that'll go away. i took a medical appointment but because I'm not on the quebec public health insurance, I'll have to pay $160 cash for the consult, like the clinic doesn't accept credit or debit cards at all

okay so things git a bit more intense so I went to the nearest er and after they triaged me they told me to go to another building to the accounting office to let them check my insurance contract before they'd open a medical file for me. peak NA

now I have to call my insurance company for them to fax a document to the er. what.

soooo i called my insurance company, and they won't fax the necessary document until i've sent them a doctor's report. but i cannot see a doctor before they my insurance faxes the document. nice.

"i don't understand [my insurance company] has always been ok with that" "i'm sorry sir but we cannot send the certificate before you give us a medical report, that's how we work" great

well, the hospital made me sign a bunch of documents I did not have the time to read and now I'm in!


still in the er, a guy just entered with a LIVE PIGEON

nooooone of the patients batted an eye like we we were all just just like "er waiting rooms am I right", but when he tried to entered an emergency room the nurses screamed and walked back and all

then he was escorted out by security and said some racist stuff, typical er stuff I guess

and I've now officially spent 12 hours in the er! and I haven't eaten nor drunk a single thing since I arrived

@stadion Like is it his pigeon or one he just randomly picked up on the street or…

@BalooUriza I'm pretty sure he picked it up off the street, and he wanted the nurses to treat him because he thought the pigeon had a broken wing or something

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