Inktober, Day 22 "Ghost" - Micron pen

Hey, you remember that time I took a fairly simple design and made it ten times more complicated by adding hundreds of little lines? Yep..

Seattle Area: I'll be vending this weekend at the Punk Rock Flea Market (19th) and The Mourning Market (20th). Stop by to see strange and unusual arts, crafts and wearables.

If you go, stop by my booth and let me know you're from Mastodon. It would be cool to meet some of you wonderful people! :)

Inktober, Day 16 "Wild" - Ink wash

I was going to draw the entire "wild hunt" but didn't have enough time, so you get the leader of the wild hunt. lol

Inktober, Day 15 "Legend" - Pen and Ink

I don't draw a lot of images from movies or tv, but I felt like a little fan art was warranted for this Inktober prompt.

Didn't have quite enough time to finish, but here is what I have.

Inktober, Day 12 "Ash"

Inktober, Day 12 "Dragon" - Drawn with micron pens.

Managed to finish this one while vending at a market.

Inktober Day 6, "Husk" - Pen and ink with digital background because the marker didn't scan well.

So, yeah, I took out the Y from "husky" because I didn't want to draw a dog, corn husk or anything otherwise husky. Therefore, y'all get "Husk" in the form of a zombie alien creature.

Inktober 2019 - Day 3, "Bait" - Ink wash w/ white ink rollerball pen for cleanup and accents.

Today's is a bit more cartoony.

Inktober 2019, Day 2 - "Mindless" - Created using brush and ink, and some micron.

Finished a couple of mini-watercolors for the Macabre Market in Seattle tomorrow. I know I painted it, but something about the snow raven kinda scares me. lol That's one intense bird!

One of my more absurd drawings, but I like it. This belongs in an arcade or on an 80's prog-rock album cover. I don't know, but I had fun making it.

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