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Working on linocut prints with my friend Meagan last night.

Post-Halloween depression is a thing. Yes, it's almost been two weeks, but I can't find any excitement for November. There is too much travel for my "day job" this month and it's cutting into my creative time. Grrr

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Happy Halloween! Go forth and be naughty!

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One more Halloween doily! The pattern is "Boo!" by Marsha Glassner, made in size 40 thread, instead of the size 10 the pattern calls for. With the finer thread, this ended up around 9 inches across instead of 13 and I prefer the smaller size. (Paperback book included for scale.) Just right to put under a candleholder or little plant.


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folx, it's done. The new album:


Take me with you when you glow...

Amazing, beautiful cover art by @Jacki and @bryn !

The album is $5, but I've enabled individual track downloads so you can pick your favorite and buy it for a single dollar.

pls boost to support trans artists!

Just finished this watercolor of Cthulhu tonight for a show tomorrow...and now bedtime!

The lovely @SluttySiren modelling my new shirt print like a pro! I'm happy with how this turned out. :)

Portland is much more fun when I'm not working a conference.

Deep within the swamp lies a cabin said to contain an unspeakable horror. The corruption waits for those foolish enough to wonder near, calling them with promises of unholy power, promises left unfulfilled. For it's curse is complete and none can crawl back from the depths within those putrid walls.

The Cultist's Cabin - Pen and Ink

I'm so excited! It's a little over a week until the Mourning Market! Along with many great artists, I'll be vending the market this year. I have so much to do! Ahhhh!!! (freak out period has begun..)

If you live in the Pacific Northwest and are interested dark, goth, spooky artwork, check out their website here: mourningmarket.com/

Did this little design on my lunch. It's not my normal style, but I'm liking it pretty well.

In an effort to justify having cookies and coffee for breakfast, I shall now refer to them as biscuits, like the English do.

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Is it creepy that I can draw a fairly accurate human heart by memory? Just saying, I may have drawn a few in my time.

The warrior looked upon the mother, maiden and crone--the waxing, full and waning moon. Carrion crows flew throughout the battlefield, feasting. She knew the body crumpled before her was her own. Kneeling down, she said the prayers of her ancestors, though it was odd to be saying them to oneself. Done, she looked up to find the three women smiling at her, welcoming her on to a land of the fallen. She had earned the honor, she had fought well.

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