I'll be boosting independent artists during the outbreak, many of which are struggling financially due to event and market cancellations.

Today I'm boosting: Kelly Dean Verity

Kelly Verity is a queer trans Seattle artist. His current work is inspired by concepts of life and death, animals and nature, and science and magic.


It's a bit early, but happy v-day to everyone! Smarmy skeleton wants to show his love!

Sometime, when riding a train to Portland, you just have to draw some trippy ass shiit because train is too bumpy for any real detail.

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She saw on TV that ghosts made things cold, and she'd always had chilly feet at night.

So she found a stone with a hole through the middle and she waited under the covers until the chill made her toes curl.

Gently, she sat up, closing one eye and holding the stone up to the other.

Shimmering and thin as a beam of moonlight, the cat stretched and resettled on her feet.

She smiled and went back to bed, careful not to kick.

She'd always wanted a cat.

#Microfiction #Tootfic

Strange light filters through ruddy sky, breaking apart like spears raining down upon creation.

Sincerity is costly when you're a scoundrel. One slip leads to overexposure.

A crow is never to be trusted, magpies steal with impunity, jays, avian pickpockets and rooks descend like starving soldiers. Ravens know all these scoundrel tricks--being of that ilk themselves.

Memory serves her well, a lone egg waiting in its twig basket. Wouldn't it be wasteful to let it lie?

Inktober, Day 22 "Ghost" - Micron pen

Hey, you remember that time I took a fairly simple design and made it ten times more complicated by adding hundreds of little lines? Yep..

Seattle Area: I'll be vending this weekend at the Punk Rock Flea Market (19th) and The Mourning Market (20th). Stop by to see strange and unusual arts, crafts and wearables.

If you go, stop by my booth and let me know you're from Mastodon. It would be cool to meet some of you wonderful people! :)

Inktober, Day 16 "Wild" - Ink wash

I was going to draw the entire "wild hunt" but didn't have enough time, so you get the leader of the wild hunt. lol

Inktober, Day 15 "Legend" - Pen and Ink

I don't draw a lot of images from movies or tv, but I felt like a little fan art was warranted for this Inktober prompt.

Didn't have quite enough time to finish, but here is what I have.

Inktober, Day 12 "Ash"

Inktober, Day 12 "Dragon" - Drawn with micron pens.

Managed to finish this one while vending at a market.

Inktober Day 6, "Husk" - Pen and ink with digital background because the marker didn't scan well.

So, yeah, I took out the Y from "husky" because I didn't want to draw a dog, corn husk or anything otherwise husky. Therefore, y'all get "Husk" in the form of a zombie alien creature.

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