sorry for my extended absence from the fediverse. everyone please boost this terrible meme I made

I like the recurring plot element in malcolm in the middle where reese is an aspiring chef, which would have been dropped after one episode in any other series

webmd except for finding out things that are right with you

favorite hot sauces 

Valentina Extra Hot
El Yucateco picante salsa verde

M... My boss just said "Don't provide Python 2 support in our new fleets, it's on users to update their scripts" and I may just cry tears of joy.

Using my 10 vacation days to show up 20 minutes late to work every day for a year

I think robin hood should get to keep 10% of all the wealth he steals from the rich and gives to the needy. its a standard finders fee.

there is no risk without reward, but sometimes there is reward without risk

dilbertarian, like a libertarian, but with dilbert

Here's a close up of someone's face from Seinfeld 


financial assistance post, for a friend 

hey yall my friend rory's dog got a tore ligament and needs surgery so they are doing commissions to raise up money! Their post is here:

Please help out if you can!

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