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Sonic the hedgehog spoilers 


I hate the word foodie and everything involving foodies

Any felters here? (I presume that's what people who do felting are called) Thinking about making felted laundry balls and at least one video was giving as an option needle felting some roving over a ball of wool yarn... Would you actually need to put a thin layer of roving over the yarn or could you just needle the ball a bunch and send it through the dryer?

Extracting the graphics of the Punch-Out microgame from WarioWare: Smooth Moves reveals it is run in a window with some black pixels in the corner. These match up with the interface of an unofficial emulator, meaning the developers used it to emulate Punch-Out (details below).


"decentralization" vs decentralization 


please boost so i can actually get some ideas

hi can someone give me a CLI program idea that i can do for someone that may actually be helpful, i just need something to do


BOOST if you're still pissed zangief was a bad guy in wreck it ralph even though he's not a villain. he fights for the glory of russia!

pol joke 

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