This isn’t the most important thing happening today by a long shot, but I want to show you my vegan, gluten free toilet cleaner.

white folks at BLM events 

Seeing a lot of white folks going to some of these protests, destroying property, etc. And a lot of black folks getting hauled off by cops. If you're white and going to one of these things, make sure to follow the lead of the black leaders. Don't go off on your own and start escalating the violence unless the leaders are calling for that, because black folks are gonna take the brunt of the retaliation, not you.

work - 

aghghhhgg my asshole manager got involved in one of my tickets today I don't need this shit

my break from mastodon managed to last two days

We need to make piracy easier than signing up to Gisney+


sriracha is just ketchup and hot sauce mixed together

Terraria salt 

Reading into the Terraria 1.4 changes (and I don't mean the patch notes, I mean the actual changes)... wow the dev is kind of petulant???

A hidden and significant modifier to your rare item drop rate if you don't use the correct color torch to light your area when exploring biomes? And it was completely undisclosed in the patch notes??

Every method of progression outside of the dev-intended path has been made significantly harder or impossible. Alternate gameplay approaches (like bootstrapping with fishing) have been completely invalidated on purpose.

Speedrunners got sniped, hard. Yeah okay that happens.

If you don't enjoy building and just throw up a bunch of rooms for NPCs, you now get punished by being locked out of an entire method of fast travel and prices in shops inflated by up to 200%, for the crime of not carefully building a house for every NPC to their specifications.

Initially I thought these penalties were small and didn't think much of it, but they can seriously make the difference between 50% and 200% prices and drop rates. And half of them weren't even disclosed.


if I were me, where would I be right now? 🤔

remembering that time sireebob called me "the satoshi nakamoto of emojibot" cause it didn't have my name anywhere on it yet and he didn't know I created it

I click "stop showing me this ad" on literally every single youtube ad in some sad vain hope maybe one day it will run out of ads to show me

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