If it isn't obvious why this is huge, and I guess my post doesn't make it obvious:

This is a completely peer to peer, end to end encrypted chat system written in *250 lines of code*. @spritelyproject's Goblins abstracts away the network/cryptography elements for you.

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omg. OMG. **OMG!!!**

Okay I know this sounds like nonsense but oh my god! Captp + handoffs on three *independent* peers over tor onion services, with everyone chatting over goblin-chat!

Each user has their own address on the p2p network! *No* central server!

This is HUGE!

Wow, this description of @spritelyproject's Goblins library is both an accurate description of its implementation of ocap + actors and also imaginatively goblin'y in its narrative! reddit.com/r/Racket/comments/m

Spritely Goblins: a distributed journey (my talk from FOSDEM 2021) youtube.com/watch?v=tqrzag__X7 or share.tube/videos/watch/fd98bb !

Focuses on @spritelyproject's Goblins distributed programming environment from a PL history POV, plus how we might collab w/ the Guile & Guix communities

Coming up in ~2 hours, I'm giving at talk on @spritelyproject's at FOSDEM: "
Spritely Goblins: a distributed journey" fosdem.org/2021/schedule/event

This one has some very interesting bits about how we might collaborate with the Guile and Guix worlds too!

Oh yeah btw I have a talk at FOSDEM this Sunday in case you want to see it: "Spritely Goblins: a distributed journey" fosdem.org/2021/schedule/event

Since this will be a fully remote conference, and since FOSDEM is no-cost-to-attend, anyone can join from anywhere!

In fact, all the talks in the “Declarative and Minimalistic Computing” track look exciting to me:

I’m particularly impatient to learn about @spritelyproject, to be once again amazed by #miniKanren, and to see when we can finally have sexp diffs!

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We've been making enormous progress on the CapTP layer of Spritely Goblins, which lays the foundation for all the major distribued networked components of Spritely to come!

But... what exactly is CapTP, and what does it enable? spritelyproject.org/news/what-

I've made massive strides on CapTP for @spritelyproject and honestly, I think this is the most important work I've done in my life. But it's hard to explain *why* when few people even know what CapTP *is*.

So: CapTP explainer 🧵, right here (with blogpost to follow):

@spritelyproject Probably needs a whole blogpost explaining the gravity of this current moment, and what this means is now open to us.

But in short: secure, distributed object programming in mutually suspicious peer to peer networks? Open for business!

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Okay I don't know how to say this better than the commit message I just wrote so I'm just gonna quote that:


With a test, too!

... holy butts"


Big moment for @spritelyproject! (Probably not obvious how big!)

Hygiene for a computing pandemic: separation of VCs and ocaps/zcaps lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/p

Maybe the most important thing I've ever written (at least about computing) is this long mailing list post. I should probably clean it up and put it somewhere more general.

Really happy to finally get out this update about goings-on in @spritelyproject spritelyproject.org/news/state

tl;dr RacketCon talk up, progress on the serializing-a-running-world system (Aurie), making progress towards textual virtual worlds.

Enjoy! And thanks to @davidrevoy for the INCREDIBLE character artwork!

David Revoy is a talented illustrator, creator of the Pepper & Carrot webcomic, Krita instructor and supporter of libre projects. You can follow at:

➡️ @davidrevoy

The Pepper & Carrot series is available at peppercarrot.com and as a series of print-on-demand books.

Revoy has created artwork for many FOSS projects too, including @peertube , @fsf , @spritelyproject and more.

#DavidRevoy #Art #MastoArt #Comics #WebComics #PepperAndCarrot #Krita #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #CC #CreativeCommons

State of Spritely, December 2020! spritelyproject.org/news/state

RacketCon talk on Goblins, progress on Aurie (running-world serialization system), preview of the textual virtual worlds plans, and more!

(Amazing character art by @davidrevoy!)

Working out an input syntax and set of UI patterns for @spritelyproject's Fantasary textural virtual worlds (graphical also planned, textual comes first) that's also "safe". groups.google.com/d/msg/cap-ta

Most ocap security patterns have actually already been "solved". UIs are the big frontier. Trying to make some headway, a step at a time.

See also:

🎃Happy Halloween!
I wanted to speedpaint this evening the Spritely Family, their design feels halloweeny to me. 🙂 spritelyproject.org/

(special launch offer on Pepper&Carrot books ends in 4h, 1144 books sold now! 👍)
#ccby #krita @cwebber

If you wanted to see my RacketCon talk on Goblins but missed it, I'll put it up someplace more permanent but at the moment you can watch it at dustycloud.org/tmp/racketcon-g

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