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socially distancing myself from the movers. not so much because of but because I don't like to interact with strangers. or watch them work

Kaufland bittet um Kartenzahlung wenn möglich. Sollte den Deutschen tatsächlich ihren Bargeldfetisch austreiben?

Remember when they picked up cars in that were full trash? Today I realized that my car would be like that if I owned one 🤯

habe heute Nacht geträumt, dass Klippenspringen war und sich dabei den Fuß gebrochen hat 🤷‍♂️

Ein Landgasthof lädt zur DDR-Flashback Party. In Niedersachsen. Im tiefsten Westen. WTF?
Ist das das neue "wir verkleiden uns als Indianer"?

Just saw Verdi's Rigoletto at Komische Oper Berlin. I am fine with the nonsensical clownery. And I might overlook the somewhat racist costumes. But watching sexual assault (with full nudity) for absolutely no reason? WTF? Is that some kind of boomer fanservice?

Just had the Rebel Whopper at Burger King. I wouldn't have guessed it not to be meat. I think it wouldn't fly at a "real" burger place but for a BK burger it was good enough.

I am so tired of the "man hacked google maps with 99 smartphones" story being shared again and again. I simply don't get what is so interesting about it. Of course it works. We always knew that. It's not a hack. It's not particularly clever. And as an art project I find it incredibly boring.

go fuck yourself. 30% packet loss and crawling speeds. 😖

Falls jemandem am Wochenende langweilig ist, wir haben noch diverse Kellerwände zum verputzen... 🏡

🤔 why would you put your github profile on your CV when it's completely empty?

first time I spent an hour on my knees in front of the toilet not being sick.

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