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This really captures how I feel about open-source funding. For those of us who do OSS in addition to our day jobs, money is far less valuable than time:

actually it does. but your constructor needs to call the parent constructor or you get a totally unhelpful error message

wait, phpunit is no longer calling the constructor on test files!?

customer wanted to ask for gender on the profile page. I asked what for and if he would provide a list of genders. he couldn't answer, so that idea was dropped again.

so... how many levels of cluelessness is this:

* personal mail to me
* subject is "error", nothing more
* content is a screenshot, nothing more
* screenshot has an arrow pointing to a typo
* a typo in a wiki
* the wiki is not my wiki

hmm, octodon thinks I'm not following anyone and shows an empty timeline. I guess that's the end of this experiment then.

hmm. haven't been here for a few days, but my timeline scrolls back only three days?

Toots are pings. Favorites are florps. Boosts are relays. Up is down. Yesterday is tomorrow. The sky is the colour of a television tuned to a dead channel.

I am really late for work today because I had to watch an old episode of family feud with the casts of batman and Gilligan's Island. And then I had to lookup the weird host who was kissing the female participants all the time. I learned he was on hogans heroes. He also played the host on running man. so yeah, I was sucked into nostalgia real good this morning... BTW. 500char limit is nice


So... is there an Android App I want to use for mastodon?


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