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🛢Es will mir nicht in den Kopf, wie eine der besten Bundestagspetitionen der letzten Jahre trotz einer so starken Community zu scheitern droht.

Bitte jetzt raus aus der Comfortzone, anmelden, zeichnen, Freund:innen mobilisieren! 🙏

Noch 3️⃣ Tage‼️🚎



my most galaxybrained small thing:huge effect opinion is that the Wikipedia Vector skin was a catastrophe for digital culture. Wikipedia, always an encyclopedia first and wiki second, introduced and innoculated a generation of people to wikis in a way that completely de-emphasized all the radical parts of wikis to appear like an encyclopedia. NO ONE KNOWS about "what links here," "wanted pages," or talk pages. so both the graph structure and dialogic reality of wikis is LOST. !/

I am always impressed by the robustness of Debian's upgrade process. I just upgraded two major releases (one by one) without any hickups.

the feeling when the pings start to come back in after having rebooted a remote server for a system upgrade... :-)

So, here's my first version of a DokuWiki plugin implementing the protocol and format. This is nerdy af, but maybe someone wants to work on it?

so I fell into the hole and implemented a gemini server. but now I am wondering about the limits of - folks who auto-convert their existing content (like wikis) to gemtext, how do you cope with it's limits? like non-nested lists, or only single item links?

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