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Ich war ja schon immer ein sucker für clevere texte... bin gerade über das "Kiox" Album von Kummer gestolpert. Wow. Jeder Song ein präziser Schlag in die Magengrube. Hammer.

TIL: do not trust the printed pin labels on cheap ESP32 boards from China. When it gets hot instead of powering on, that GND pin might actually be a data pin.

I blogged: Blocking spam through HELO checks - the right way

I blogged: Calculate a Destination Coordinate based on Distance and Bearing in PHP

I know there's a lot of cryptocurrency skeptics here. I have a question for y'all: Does Ripple/XRP suck?

I met someone who was big into it and claimed it avoided all of the horrible environmental issues of Bitcoin. Is that true? Are there other issues I'm missing?

thanks for the t-shirt. thanks for nominating me 😊👕

Uhm. Ich habe gerade einen Entsafter geschickt bekommen. Ich habe keinen Entsafter bestellt. Ich wollte nie einen Entsafter. WTF?

Gardening. or as I like to call it "work 15min then take a shower"

gardening. or as I call it "let's see what gives up first, the hacksaw battery or my back"

Some good news: ants seem not to be endangered, yet. There's a nest under every fucking stone in our garden.

BTW. are there any health benefits to a lot of ant bites? asking for a friend

damn. my pro subscription expired. I must have missed the last sale.

Happy to have finally unlocked the secrets of hot composting. Unfortunately a lot of tiny baby earthworms seem to be really unhappy and are wriggling on top of the pile. unfortunately they are too tiny and fragile to pick them off by hand. poor little buggers 😔

anderthalb Jahre haben wir uns isoliert und zurückgenommen, auch um die eltern generation zu schützen. aber wenn man die jetzt bittet, trotz *ihrer* impfung einen 89ct schnelltest vor ihrem besuch zu machen weil sie eben totzdem überträger sein können ist das ein riesen drama?

Windows' archaic insistence on rebooting to complete installing services makes automated test runner setup a huge PITA.

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