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I love the smell of Spekulatius in the evening

"I thought it's more effective to ask you directly instead of the community"

Effective for whom? Selfish prick.

"I'm an ethical hacker [...] please point me to your bug bounty program so I will share the bug I found with you"

Hat sich schonmal jemand mit der Sicherheit der Ausschreibungsplatform (vom Bundesinnenministerium) beschäftigt? Da muss ich eine JavaApplikation runterladen die einen Webserver auf meinem Rechner startet um meine Unterlagen hochladen zu können!???

I just love it when people develop "cross platform" apps in Java. And then only offer binary installer downloads that include a whole fucking JVM for exactly two Operating Systems. fuckers.

I finally came around to set up my github profile readme. ahh vanity...

that's new. sending me a mail that they found a bug on one my URLs but not telling what the bug is supposed to be or how to reproduce it. Imstead asking for a donation in bitcoin for their "help"

I blogged: Raspberry Print Server for Brother QL-500 Label Printer

Wenn ihr _eine_ Augenbraue skeptisch nach oben zieht, könnt ihr das mit:

Back in the day of Twitter's beginnings, you would see *everything* your friends posted directly in your timeline. That included replies to people you weren't following. Of course this doesn't scale, but it was an awesome way to find new, interesting people and also gave you a better idea on what your friends are interested in... I wish there was an option for that behaviour in

You know it's a , when you enter your home office and discover that the walls are full of tiny baby spiders. 🕷️

I mentioned how hard it is to find IPA at the stores here in Berlin suburbia and my friend sent me this: 😍 🍻

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