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I just learned about position: sticky in CSS3. It's even relatively well supported. Why didn't anyone tell me?

Achja, gibt ja nichts schöneres als nach Hause zu kommen und das Internet geht nicht. Danke

exactly one month after Github accepted me into their sponsorship beta program (it's now available for everyone) I have two sponsors.
Including github's donation matching, I earned $4. I guess I'll keep my day job ;-)

Looking for small / cheap gifts to bring a smile to a nerd & maker's face.

Any recommendations? Ideally worth up to $10 so I can get a fair amount and make my own nerdy Advent calendar 😆

Toll. hat mal wieder 50% packet loss.

Kann jemand eine gute Alternative zu Amazon empfehlen um Werkzeug und Zubehör zu kaufen? Irgendwas wo man den reviews noch trauen kann. Mit Bohrern die einem nicht potentiell ins Gesicht explodieren...

So yesterday I played for the first time in my life. The actual battle royal shooter mechanic is fun. The interface for everything else (building,outfits,dances,etc) was super confusing.

Github accepted me in their sponsorship beta program. That means you can sponsor my work on DokuWiki and other software and Github will even match your contributions.

pumpkin spiced latte as a sore throat medicine 🎃

buying a house feels like what being a woman must be like. everyone suddenly has lots of opinions and unasked advice for you. of course it's all well meaning but it is soo tiring...

I'm in the market for a cordless drill/screwdriver. Do I care for the hammer drill function? Or would I use my wired machine for stubborn walls anyway?

holy fuck. I just saw a fireball come down over Mahlsdorf.

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