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I actually did a blog post for each of the 23 days of my vacation, but my RSS feed somehow did only pick up one. Feel free to skip to the end for photos on each of them. Or skip everything. I am not the boss of you. Anyway day 1 is here:

in German we don't say crooks getting a shit load of money for nothing, we call it Kaufnebenkosten and I think that's beautiful

A hotel I have a reservation with sent me an email that I can check in online. What does that even mean?

There's someone drumming outside my office window. Too bad I never memorized the rada drum code from

I just earned the 'Das Boot (Level 34)' badge on!

I just earned the 'Lager Jack (Level 18)' badge on!

I just earned the 'Riding Steady (Level 21)' badge on!

Still thinking about a server setup. I want a VPN server I can start and stop with a button press, that only cost money while it's running. Any way to set this up with EC2 or google compute? Anyone has a tutorial?

Oh hey, it's cool to send your guests a door code so they can move into their room without talking to reception. Would be cool though if the cleaning staff knew the room is occupied.
Good thing I wasn't having my dick out when the cleaning lady burst in. 🙄

WTF is it with German hotels blocking SSH and OpenVPN UDP on 1194? How do you people deal with this? Dedicated VPN server on TCP 443? Paying for a professional VPN service? Any tips what I can do right now without being prepared?

I just earned the 'Hella Delicious! (Level 5)' badge on!

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