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I just earned the 'Lager Jack (Level 18)' badge on!

I just earned the 'Riding Steady (Level 21)' badge on!

Still thinking about a server setup. I want a VPN server I can start and stop with a button press, that only cost money while it's running. Any way to set this up with EC2 or google compute? Anyone has a tutorial?

Oh hey, it's cool to send your guests a door code so they can move into their room without talking to reception. Would be cool though if the cleaning staff knew the room is occupied.
Good thing I wasn't having my dick out when the cleaning lady burst in. 🙄

WTF is it with German hotels blocking SSH and OpenVPN UDP on 1194? How do you people deal with this? Dedicated VPN server on TCP 443? Paying for a professional VPN service? Any tips what I can do right now without being prepared?

I just earned the 'Hella Delicious! (Level 5)' badge on!

I just earned the 'Brewery Pioneer (Level 11)' badge on!

I just earned the 'Hopped Down (Level 4)' badge on!

I just earned the 'Bar Explorer (Level 33)' badge on!

I just earned the 'Draft City (Level 13)' badge on!

Had a terrible experience with support chat. Took them an hour until they decided that their supervisor would call me back. No one called me. The case ID they gave me seems not to exist or is not associated with my mail so it's inaccessible.

I just earned the 'Beer of the World' badge on!

just rode an escooter for the first time. holy shit those things are fast. no wonder there are many accidents. I felt a lot less stable than on a bike but at the same speed. and you feel every little bump in pavement. not exactly the most comfortable way to ride.

wait a minute, why do I learn that you have a blog from a post in's blog? *subscribed*

In the last weeks I tried to sell stuff on
What a huge pile of shit that platform is. When navigating through the menus you can literary see how you are passed from one legacy app to another.

Is anyone here playing the Fallen London ? I could use some contacts in the game world to decrease my nightmares.

I received a "thanks for your open source projects" email this week! :)

I receive these once every year or two, and they're lovely. If you have really benefited from an open source library or tool, telling them can brighten up the author's day!

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