"I thought it's more effective to ask you directly instead of the community"

Effective for whom? Selfish prick.

"I'm an ethical hacker [...] please point me to your bug bounty program so I will share the bug I found with you"

@sixohsix I found raking leaves very relaxing, but I guess you have to wait a few months for that to unlock

Hat sich schonmal jemand mit der Sicherheit der Ausschreibungsplatform evergabe-online.de (vom Bundesinnenministerium) beschäftigt? Da muss ich eine JavaApplikation runterladen die einen Webserver auf meinem Rechner startet um meine Unterlagen hochladen zu können!???

I just love it when people develop "cross platform" apps in Java. And then only offer binary installer downloads that include a whole fucking JVM for exactly two Operating Systems. fuckers.

@sixohsix Youtube Vanced on Android does background play for you

@sixohsix (re)connecting power sockets is simple. Question is if the cabling at the fuse box is correct...

@sixohsix why would anyone do this? What's the idea behind "bootleg grounding"? And yes DIY wherever you can 👍

@Gina Youtube vanced is awesome. Did you get the pun in the name? Because it flew way over my head and someone had to point it out to me: It's YouTube Advanced but there are no ads.

@kensanata I see. So basically you exceeded your monkey sphere limit and try to restore it?

@kensanata I find that a weird thing to ponder. Would you ghost your "real life" friends? What makes you think that you can do it online? Do you think social media connections are somehow less "real"?

@encarsia oohhh. I guess that makes even more sense. I still prefer my mental image though 🚙🐶

@encarsia I don't really know if that's about a child or a dog. But I like to think it's a dog having the car keys, chilling and listening to their favorite tunes...

I finally came around to set up my github profile readme. ahh vanity... github.com/splitbrain

@sixohsix if you want to go full high tech, go for it. I'm super happy with this rice cooker for the micro wave though: amzn.to/3bsTLPF saves space, super easy to clean (dishwasher) and works great.

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