After back pain knocked me out all Saturday, it was manageable enough today to get some wood working done and the weekend didn't feel like a total waste. in somewhat related news, I really should buy a track saw.

@dmpop while I like the sentiment behind this idea, I fear llamas would only lend more credibility to these ass clowns. I for one trust llamas way more for sure.

@sumpfsuppe och schade, ich hatte ein känguru erwartet ;-) glückwunsch

Hier ist meine Lösung für das Berliner Mietenproblem: Privater Immobilienbesitz ist nur noch für eigenen (Erst)Wohnsitz erlaubt. Wer mehr besitzt *muss* verkaufen. Ab jetzt 2 Jahre Zeit dafür. Danach kauft das Land zu einem festgelegten m² Preis. Problem gelöst

tonight I dreamt I got vaccinated at . why isn't that a thing?

Having to explain why an is not an adequate replacement for a feed makes me feel so old.

@sumpfsuppe *neid* ich wünschte Berlin würde zur Abwechslung mal was gebacken kriegen

we have a pheasant in the garden. I believe that makes us officially lower royalty, right? next step: a peacock 👑

After about 45 hours I finished (did many/most of the side missions before). All in all it was a solid game, despite feeling a bit shallow at times. I think I'll try the other endings too.

@dmpop only in so far as I probably don't really want to know the answer 😉

why do windows updates still take several reboots in 2021?

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