@sandzwerg just to have closure: I ended up buying exactly the same model again and it was in fact better. So I guess the learning is that the quality of cheap tools varies greatly. Not that we didn't knew this anyway ;-)

@sandzwerg from what I understand, fine grained speed control is what people miss the most with the proxxon. apparently being able to do slower cuts helps with delicate work.

@sandzwerg yeah I thought about the proxxon, but I find it weird that it doesn't feature a speed control mechanism.

@sandzwerg the problem is that there seems to be no product between the 70 to 200eur Chinese scrollsaw and a 1400eur Hegner one.

So I bought a cheap scroll saw online and it's vibrating badly. No problem, I send it back. But what now? Buy the same model again and hope it's of better quality? Buy one of the more expensive brands that look exactly the same?

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