So yesterday I played for the first time in my life. The actual battle royal shooter mechanic is fun. The interface for everything else (building,outfits,dances,etc) was super confusing.

Github accepted me in their sponsorship beta program. That means you can sponsor my work on DokuWiki and other software and Github will even match your contributions.

pumpkin spiced latte as a sore throat medicine 🎃

buying a house feels like what being a woman must be like. everyone suddenly has lots of opinions and unasked advice for you. of course it's all well meaning but it is soo tiring...

@kensanata yeah I have no doubt that the Swiss police looks at images they get from the FBI. The article however implies that *all* images shared via whatsapp are *automatically* scanned for nudity and are sent to the authorities. That directly contradicts what Facebook says about their usage of e2e encryption. Since the article does not provide any proof, I assume that this part is pure sensationalism and simply untrue spreading of FUD

@kensanata that article has no technical details and looks like FUD to me. The actual hackernews submission has a bit of discussion about that:

I'm in the market for a cordless drill/screwdriver. Do I care for the hammer drill function? Or would I use my wired machine for stubborn walls anyway?

@kensanata yeah. couldn't remember the word in the heat of the moment 😅

holy fuck. I just saw a fireball come down over Mahlsdorf.

@kensanata I was about to comment on that post about how much it resonates with me only to notice its a year old and I had commented the same thing back then. I guess tis the season

in Deutschland 2019: auf dem Klo gibt es weder Klopapier noch Papierhandtücher. Und zwar im 1. Klasse Bereich.

I actually did a blog post for each of the 23 days of my vacation, but my RSS feed somehow did only pick up one. Feel free to skip to the end for photos on each of them. Or skip everything. I am not the boss of you. Anyway day 1 is here:

in German we don't say crooks getting a shit load of money for nothing, we call it Kaufnebenkosten and I think that's beautiful

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