There are millions of smartphones produced with high-resolution displays that use very little power. These panels must be dirt cheap.

Yet, I cannot find a portable display that uses such a small panel.

I'd really like to have a portable external monitor, around 5 inches, powered by USB with HDMI + VGA inputs (even HDMI only would be ok).

I'm more than happy with 1280x720 resolution, even 1024x768 would suffice.

Any hints for such a product?

today is one of those days where I simply can't start anything

Here's a blog post about blogging with links to other people's blogs with blog posts (not about blogging). Should I tag this with ? 🙃

I miss the time where personal where more common than social media. So I was happy to stumble upon - a mini directory of personal sites. I subscribed to their feed and am working my way through it bit by bit, discovering new blogs to follow.

I think it's time to finally migrate away from feedburner. I am probably one of the last few using it. Is there a good way to approximately count subscribers? preferably using

Okay Mastodon, who should I follow, if I want the following:

* a good mix of female, male and non-binary people
* broad topics talked about by geeky people
* english and german content

@kensanata ich weiß gar nicht ob ich zurück bin. Ich war nur neugierig was hier so passiert ist in der letzten Zeit. Ich folge aber glaube ich hier noch nicht genug Leuten um per network effekt reingezogen zu werden...

@kensanata I just tried trunk for the first time. But it fails at the authorization step: "Authorisation failed. Did you try to reload the page? This will not work since we're not saving the access token."

@kensanata well, monogamy would prevent me from acting on crushes but I doubt it would prevent getting them in the first place. But I'm not monogamous anyway...

*sigh* I get crushes way too easily. and acting on them is no way easier (or advisable?) now with nearly forty than it was as a teenager...

This really captures how I feel about open-source funding. For those of us who do OSS in addition to our day jobs, money is far less valuable than time:

actually it does. but your constructor needs to call the parent constructor or you get a totally unhelpful error message

wait, phpunit is no longer calling the constructor on test files!?

customer wanted to ask for gender on the profile page. I asked what for and if he would provide a list of genders. he couldn't answer, so that idea was dropped again.

so... how many levels of cluelessness is this:

* personal mail to me
* subject is "error", nothing more
* content is a screenshot, nothing more
* screenshot has an arrow pointing to a typo
* a typo in a wiki
* the wiki is not my wiki

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