So I bought a cheap scroll saw online and it's vibrating badly. No problem, I send it back. But what now? Buy the same model again and hope it's of better quality? Buy one of the more expensive brands that look exactly the same?

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@splitbrain it depends on your needs but tools are certainly one of the things were more money spent results in better tools

@sandzwerg the problem is that there seems to be no product between the 70 to 200eur Chinese scrollsaw and a 1400eur Hegner one.

@splitbrain hmm a scroll saw is a "dekupiersäge"? If so what about proxxon? You might also be able to get some better results through fine-tuning the settings. But yeah in the end you need to decide where at the quality/price spectrum you can live with. A worse quality as "the best" might be enough if it's still good enough for the use case and use frequency you have.

@sandzwerg yeah I thought about the proxxon, but I find it weird that it doesn't feature a speed control mechanism.

@splitbrain I never thought about it before. Is that important for the purpose? I'd assume it's mostly used for plywood were I'd naive expect it's not as important as when one tries to cut some cm of hardwood with a table or bandsaw

@sandzwerg from what I understand, fine grained speed control is what people miss the most with the proxxon. apparently being able to do slower cuts helps with delicate work.

@splitbrain I see. It seems your options are very limited then :/

@sandzwerg just to have closure: I ended up buying exactly the same model again and it was in fact better. So I guess the learning is that the quality of cheap tools varies greatly. Not that we didn't knew this anyway ;-)

@splitbrain good to hear that you found a satisfying solution :) Now of course you need to show is your tool and more important what you build with it 😏

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