Since I bought hearing protection with Bluetooth, I am listening to a lot of while mucking around in the workshop.
What are your recommendations? I like history and science stuff. Or short stories.

In Our Time is about history, science and philosophy, one of the best podcasts out there ❤️
Thinking Allowed is about sociology, perfect smalltalk material ❤️
What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law is about US politics and the US constitution ❤️
99% Invisible is about design, architecture and the like ❤️
Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History is about history, with very rare episodes, but each episode is about 4h long ❤️

@splitbrain The History of Byzantium, which picked up where the History of Rome left off
The British History Podcast, excellent history stuff as well
History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps, calming, excellent for walking to the office in the morning
History of the Crusades, I just haven’t had the time to listen to any episodes in a very long time
Revolutions, by the guy who did the History of Rome before that and I listened to all the episodes

@splitbrain The China History Podcast, more meandering history stuff, jumping all over the place but China is important and I love his super positive attitude

@splitbrain I can recommend omega-tau (de/en) for Science and Engineering:

If you're also looking for german only science podcasts:
- Resonator:
- Minkorrekt:

Short stories, also in german only:
- Anders & Wunderlich
- c't stories (aus dem Heft, aber scheint eingeschlafen)
- Eisenbart & Meisendraht (ist aber stellenweise arg durchgeknallt :D)

@splitbrain History of Rome, China History Podcast, Revolutions (the first is finished; the other two are ongoing)

Tides of History is good - been some good episodes over the last six months about the history of agriculture

Working Class History - has some history less often told

History on Fire - only listened to a couple a few years ago and had kind of forgotten about it. I remember the one about the pirate queen was real interesting

Hardcore History, as folks have already mentioned.

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