Bought a track saw, built a French cleat hanger. parallel guide mounted with magnet tape

After back pain knocked me out all Saturday, it was manageable enough today to get some wood working done and the weekend didn't feel like a total waste. in somewhat related news, I really should buy a track saw.

Hier ist meine Lösung für das Berliner Mietenproblem: Privater Immobilienbesitz ist nur noch für eigenen (Erst)Wohnsitz erlaubt. Wer mehr besitzt *muss* verkaufen. Ab jetzt 2 Jahre Zeit dafür. Danach kauft das Land zu einem festgelegten m² Preis. Problem gelöst

tonight I dreamt I got vaccinated at . why isn't that a thing?

Having to explain why an is not an adequate replacement for a feed makes me feel so old.

we have a pheasant in the garden. I believe that makes us officially lower royalty, right? next step: a peacock 👑

After about 45 hours I finished (did many/most of the side missions before). All in all it was a solid game, despite feeling a bit shallow at times. I think I'll try the other endings too.

why do windows updates still take several reboots in 2021?

happy to report a fair amount of earth worms alive and wiggling in the compost 😊

suffering the woodworker's curse: never enough clamps

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