Today I had a look at Progressive Web Apps to make a tiny one-pager available offline. Turned out to be really simple. That one-pager is now an "App" on my phone. Nice.

A newsletter asking me to subscribe to the newsletter. Ironically from . I guess they are used to system inception.

I wish I could afford and justify to spend 3000 EUR on a Shaper Origin 😩

After years of writing about all kinds of technical stuff, the first time I land on the front page is with a wood working post?

huh, after nearly 15 years on the site I have finally accumulated 1000 karma points on Now where can I exchange my fancy internet points for goods?

kenne ich zufällig jemanden der eine M6x200 schraube mit sechskantkopf rumliegen hat? Ich finde nur 100er Packungen online...

protip: don't drink and or you'll accidentally print the wrong model

I got a new reoccurring dream: I enter a store to buy something important only to notice that I have forgotten my mask and have to leave in shame.

2 years later I am still very happy to have bought a printer. It is exactly the low maintenance, reliable machine which "just prints" that I wanted. Thanks to everyone who recommended it back then.

YouTube comments often tend to be a shit show, but the ones under this video are beautiful:

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