go fuck yourself. 30% packet loss and crawling speeds. 😖 @PYURcom@twitter.com

Falls jemandem am Wochenende langweilig ist, wir haben noch diverse Kellerwände zum verputzen... 🏡

🤔 why would you put your github profile on your CV when it's completely empty?

first time I spent an hour on my knees in front of the toilet not being sick.

hey home owners, what smart heating solution do you use and what is your experience? RT welcome

achievements unlocked: plumber, electrician, mason

Used @Inoreader@twitter.com's black friday offer to renew my Pro plan. IMHO they are still the best Google Reader replacement there is. FTW

I like @WeShare_DE@twitter.com but I wish they would get their fucking technology under control

There's a probably somewhat mentally ill man on this tram who constantly talks. Very sophisticated language but without any sense. It's like Markov chains made from his vocabulary. fascinating.

I just learned about position: sticky in CSS3. It's even relatively well supported. Why didn't anyone tell me?

Achja, gibt ja nichts schöneres als nach Hause zu kommen und das Internet geht nicht. Danke @PYURcom@twitter.com

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