hey home owners, what smart heating solution do you use and what is your experience? RT welcome

achievements unlocked: plumber, electrician, mason

Used @Inoreader@twitter.com's black friday offer to renew my Pro plan. IMHO they are still the best Google Reader replacement there is. FTW

I like @WeShare_DE@twitter.com but I wish they would get their fucking technology under control

There's a probably somewhat mentally ill man on this tram who constantly talks. Very sophisticated language but without any sense. It's like Markov chains made from his vocabulary. fascinating.

I just learned about position: sticky in CSS3. It's even relatively well supported. Why didn't anyone tell me?

Achja, gibt ja nichts schöneres als nach Hause zu kommen und das Internet geht nicht. Danke @PYURcom@twitter.com

exactly one month after Github accepted me into their sponsorship beta program (it's now available for everyone) I have two sponsors.
Including github's donation matching, I earned $4. I guess I'll keep my day job ;-) github.com/sponsors/splitbrain

Looking for small / cheap gifts to bring a smile to a nerd & maker's face.

Any recommendations? Ideally worth up to $10 so I can get a fair amount and make my own nerdy Advent calendar 😆

Toll. @PYURcom@twitter.com hat mal wieder 50% packet loss.

China and Notepad++ 

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