I want to write small tool which will use a few 3rd party modules. I will want to split my code in maybe a handful of short files. Can someone point me to a real example of that size for recommended dir layout?

What's with 's spam filter this evening? I'm receiving an unusual amount of spam in my inbox tonight

I blogged: itch.io Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality Game Reviews Part 2 ift.tt/3iceV7y

workshop achievement: chisel sharpening. I gave the only chisel I own a new edge. My dad gave it to me when I was about 6 or 7 I believe. It has never been sharpened since then. still not razor sharp, but should work a lot better now.

note to self: that drill bit did not go dull from one second to another. you idiot just accidentally engaged the reverse gear on your power drill.

There must be a scientific name for the phenomenon of having bought a trim router and now having the urge to round over *all* the edges.

I am thinking about designing my own workshop merit badges. Today I unlocked drilling pocket holes 😊

was fehlt: ein Onlineshop bei dem man nach (Plastik-)Aufbewahrungsboxen uä. mit exakten Maßen suchen kann. aka. finde das Produkt das exakt in diese Lücke passt.

home owners, what software do you use to map your garden? I'm looking for something that is basically a restraint based CAD system with a library of garden stuff to add to the plan.

Ich habe ja jahrelang auf Fischer Dübel gesetzt. Aber: Tox Barracuda sieht zwar ähnlich aus, hält aber nochmal um Längen besser!

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