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Wow OpenTTD on my phone isn't as bad to play as I would have thought πŸ˜…

We're having a baby!

Unfortunately, our dear child chose a due date right in the middle of the dry season for millwrights (my wife's profession), and as I'm disabled I'll need a lot of physical support the week after birth as well. This leaves us kinda fucked on rent/car payment, since we couldn't find much work this month.

We got $400 aside and hope to find $650 so we can welcome our child in a calm and stable place! #mutualaid
venmo: @londonshine
$app: $glamorshark

Fun fact: the info desk, which is where you can exchange cash for magic payment QR codes, isn't staffed past 20:00, even though there are angels who would like to take an that shift.

So I guess past 20:00 you just don't....need to eat food anymore. Coolio

And that @mch2022camp is another reason why you don't try to reinvent prepaid payment systems...

"Must constantly hydrate" wasn't supposed to be the #mch2022 motto. At least not from above and not in this amount.

When your Bluetooth speaker is running out of power but the 230V hookup is still missing

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unix history & women 

It makes me sad that the women who are mostly responsible for making Unix on personal computers possible aren't talked about much, because of figures like RMS & Torvalds (and whoever he argued with on usenet - Andy comes to mind) coming to dominate history.

I know shockingly little about Lynne Jolitz, despite her being pivotal to affordable Unix on the i386 being possible.

I know that there were women involved with the development of Coherent but I'd have difficulty even naming them. (seems connected that most of the early 386 Unixes were developed by family business?)

The old Bell Labs documentaries always make it seem like most of the earliest Unix users were women as well.

Hallo Bubble: hat jemand von euch vielleicht in #Berlin noch ein #Fahrrad ΓΌbrig? Mein ukrainischer Mitbewohner hat nach drei Betrugsversuchen nΓ€mlich die Suche ΓΌber Kleinanzeigen aufgegeben. Gerne RT & PN. 🚲🚲🚲β™₯️

Go sit in the iptables of shame and think about what you've done

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Oh cool, a "smart home" Android app that forces you to click "accept" on the privacy policy

*takes networking privileges away*

"Slang afnehmen" ?
"Slang ophangen" ?

You can't tell me this is a real language πŸ˜‚

In #inkscape UX

A mode to display only the contents within a page, and hide grids, guides and other visual aids should be...

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